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A multi-label variant of email classification named ML-EC2 (multi-label email classification using clustering) has been proposed in this work. ML-EC2 is a hybrid algorithm based on text clustering, text classification...
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Rice Crop Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning Technique
Crop yields are affected at large scale due to spread of unchecked diseases. The spread of these diseases is similar to the spreading of cancer in human body. But, unlike cancer these diseases can be identified at early stages...
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Statistical Growth Analysis of Rice Plants in Chhattisgarh Region Using Automated Pixel-Based Mapping Technique
The statistical growth analysis of field crop has become a great challenge in agriculture. Analyzing the growth of crop through automation provides extensive significance to the farmers for getting information about the problem...
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A Novel Approach for Detection of Optic Disc and Lesion Location for Screening Diabetic Retinopathy
Diabetic Retinopathy is not typically perceivable in diabetic patients at the initial stage. Their first signs, like micro-aneurysms, often go unnoticed in preliminary testing by specialists. Additionally, its presence is...
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