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Particle Swarm Optimization for Punjabi Text Summarization
Particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm is proposed to deal with text summarization for the Punjabi language. PSO is based on intelligence that predicts among a given set of solutions which is the best solution. The search...
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Machine learning models trained on synthetic datasets of multiple sample sizes for the use of predicting blood pressure from clinical data in a national dataset.
Anmol Arora, Ananya Arora
Apr 17, 2023


The potential for synthetic data to act as a replacement for real data in research has attracted attention in recent months due to the prospect of increasing access to data and overcoming data privacy...
Published by: PLOS ONE
Ensemble of Support Vector Machine and Ontological Structures to Generate Abstractive Text Summarization
Amita Arora
Jul 01, 2022
Automatic summarization systems are much needed to lessen the information overload which is being faced by people due to exponential growth of data on World Wide Web. These systems choose the most significant part of the text...
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Exploring the Relationship Between Satisfaction and Intention to Stay Among Millennial Employees
Purpose: The main purpose of the study is to investigate the relationship between job satisfaction, organizational commitment and intention to stay among the millennials working in IT organizations of North India. Research...
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A Methodological Approach for Mining the User Requirements Using Apriori Algorithm
Users of enterprise software are multiple, and their requirements are diverse. Often their specifications are masked by mundane details and at times are vague too. Acknowledging these complexities in requirements engineering...
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In-Depth Analysis and Prediction of Coupling Metrics of Open Source Software Projects
This research was conducted to perform an in-depth analysis of the coupling metrics of 10 Open Source Software (OSS) projects obtained from the Comets dataset. More precisely, we analyze the dataset of object-oriented OSS...
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Mobile Cloud Forensic Readiness Process Model for Cloud-Based Mobile Applications
Nowadays, mobile cloud applications have attracted millions of smartphone users due to the proliferation of cyber technologies and a wide range of applications. Mobile cloud forensic investigation methodologies need tremendous...
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Agility and Resilience in Information Systems Research
This research analyzes how the concepts of agility and resilience are treated in IS literature. While agility has been an object of study in IS research for many decades, resilience is a fairly new topic. Both are gaining...
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