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Architecting and Developing Big Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) in the Digital Economy
To revamp with new creative age characterized by ongoing digital transformation, more and more industries are capitalizing on digital innovation for their sustainable business growth. Drawing on a systematic literature review...
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Using a Single Extra Constraint to Linearize the Quadratic Assignment Problem
Elias Munapo
Jan 01, 2022
The paper presents a new powerful technique to linearize the quadratic assignment problem. There are so many techniques available in literature that are used to linearize the quadratic assignment problem. In all these linear...
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Applying the Computational Intelligence Paradigm to Nuclear Power Plant Operation
In the guise of artificial neural networks (ANNs), genetic/evolutionary computation algorithms (GAs/ECAs), fuzzy logic (FL) inference systems (FLIS) and their variants as well as combinations, the computational intelligence (CI)...
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