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An In Silico QSAR Model Study Using Electrophilicity as a Possible Descriptor Against T. Brucei
Human African trypanosomiasis (HAT) is a vector-borne sleeping sickness parasitic disease spread through the bite of infected tsetse flies (Glossina genus), which is highly populated in rural Africa. The present study...
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Ranking Barriers of Supply Chain Management by MCDM Method During Disaster Management
Disasters are often described as a result of the combination of the exposure to a hazard, the conditions of vulnerability that are present, and insufficient capacity or measures to reduce or cope with the potential negative...
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Survey of Human Gait Analysis and Recognition for Medical and Forensic Applications
Gait is a behavioural biometric which sometimes changes due to diseases but it is still a strong identification metric that is widely used in forensic works, state biometric preserve sectors, and medical laboratories. Gait...
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Ontological Modeling of Certification and Inspection Process to Support Smart Disclosure of Product Information
The increasing number of certification schemes diminishes the utility of certifications as private regulation and creates several policy challenges. The undergoing efforts to help consumers verify the accuracy of information...
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Building a Certification and Inspection Data Infrastructure to Promote Transparent Markets
This article reports on data architecture that reduces information asymmetries to support public-private collaboration to govern product certification and inspection for promoting transparent markets and building consumer trust....
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