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Relatively-Integrated Ship Navigation by H¥ Fusion Filters
For the system with unknown statistical property noises, the property that the energies of the system noise and the observation noise are limited is utilized in this paper. On this basis, two novel fusion algorithms are proposed...
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Rosanna Pierson
Sep 21, 2015
This study addresses the question of perception and evaluation of light post-vocalic /l/ in St. John's through a series of perception experiments. These experiments test whether people are able to hear the difference between...
An Improved BPNN Algorithm Based on Deep Learning Technology to Analyze the Market Risks of A+H Shares
The backpropagation neural network (BPNN) algorithm of artificial intelligence (AI) is utilized to predict A+H shares price for helping investors reduce the risk of stock investment. First, the genetic algorithm (GA) is used to...
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On the system of numeration in Efik
Eyo O. Mensah
Oct 05, 2013
This paper is a response to Olderroge 1984 that Efik does not have a system of number beyond one thousand, since according to the claim, the word for thousand in Efik is tosin, a recent borrowing from English and assimilated...
Quelques designations de l'arum tachete (Arum macula/urn L.) dans les dialectes gallo-romans et daco-roumains
La motivation sémantique, source de la création lexicale, est une réalité qui a été mise en évidence dans de nombreuses études, partant sur le lexique lui-meme (voir l'Atlas Linguarum Europae ALE, l'Atlas Linguistique Roman...
Study of the Structure and Properties of Nanoparticles Cynara scolymus L. Encapsulated With Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose Polysaccharide
In recent years, the interests of researchers are increased towards nanodrugs based on nanoparticles. The main direction of this work was to study the physicochemical, structural properties and stability of encapsulated...
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On Engagement With ICT Standards and Their Implementations in Open Source Software Projects
This paper presents novel results concerning engagement with ICT standards and their implementations in open source software (OSS). Specifically, findings draw from observations and analysis related to standards and...
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Insights into the Origin of High Activity of Ni<sub>5</sub>P<sub>4</sub>(0001) for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction.
Hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) is directly relevant to green hydrogen production from water splitting. Recently, a low-cost Ni5P4 material has been demonstrated experimentally and theoretically to...
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The Syntax of the Double Modal Construction
Edwin L. Battistella
Sep 05, 2013
This paper looks at a problem in syntactic -variation, the syntax of the so-called double modal constructions in Southern United States English. Its purpose is to clarify the analysis of DMs and to consider its implications for...
Applying the Computational Intelligence Paradigm to Nuclear Power Plant Operation
In the guise of artificial neural networks (ANNs), genetic/evolutionary computation algorithms (GAs/ECAs), fuzzy logic (FL) inference systems (FLIS) and their variants as well as combinations, the computational intelligence (CI)...
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L' acceptation du compliment
This research analyzes the acceptance of compliments in Cameroun French,showing, first, that it is a macro-act of hybrid discourse, generally composedof a principle act, the expression of thanks, and of one or more...
Two-step Procedure Based on the Least Squares and Instrumental Variable Methods for Simultaneous Estimation of von Bertalanffy Growth Parameters
Advanced in the present article is a Two-step procedure designed on the methods of the least squares (LS) and instrumental variable (IV) techniques for simultaneous estimation of the three unknown parameters L∞, K and t0, which...
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An alternative proposal for French negation
Jul 18, 2013
In this paper, I propose an analysis of the negative expression (ne) pas 'not' in Modern Standard French, set within the minimalist program of Chomsky (1995), whose goal is to keep only principles no theory can do without...
Oct 05, 2013
Dans cet article, nous discutons de l’interaction apprenant-tâche-dictionnaire à l’ordinateur. Nous faisons un survol de la littérature en lexicographie pédagogique dédiée...
Subject-Object Asymmetries and Verb Classes
Sep 05, 2013
In this paper the division between patterns of data with unaccusative and unergative verb classes is examined. It is shown that in Catalan patterns of data often assumed to belong to the Romance unaccusative side of the...
The Rumble in the Meson
Ben Allanach, Joe Davighi
Apr 12, 2023
Abstract We juxtapose global fits of two bottom-up models (an S3 scalar leptoquark model and a...
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An Intra-Prediction Mode-Based Video Steganography With Secure Strategy
In this paper, an intra-prediction mode (IPM)-based video steganography with secure strategy was proposed for H.264 video stream. First of all, according to the property of IPM conversion after calibration, a content-adaptive...
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Design and Analysis of a RFID Reader Microstrip Array Antenna for IoT Applications in Smart Cities
This paper presents the design of 2*1 and 4*1 RFID reader microstrip array antenna at 2.4GHz for the Internet of things (IoT) networks which are Zigbee, Bluetooth and WIFI. The proposed antenna is composed of identical...
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Biosurfactant Production by Rhodococcus Erythropolis Sp. SB-1A Isolated from North Atlantic Ocean
Biosurfactant production by Rhodococcus erythropolis SB-1A was studied based on Atlas oil agar medium in a batch reactor. The strain was isolated from a water sample collected from Northern Atlantic Ocean. Several parameters...
De la philosophie de la religion dans l’oeuvre de Landgrebe
Sylvain Camilleri
Apr 22, 2021
Nombreux sont les premiers disciples de Husserl à s’être intéressés de prèsà la religion. Landgrebe ne fait pas exception à la règle, même si j’entendsmontrer qu’il constitue plutôt un cas à part. Pourquoi donc ? Parce que...
Forecasting of Electricity Demand by Hybrid ANN-PSO Models
Developing economies need to invest in energy projects. Because the gestation period of the electric projects is high, it is of paramount importance to accurately forecast the energy requirements. In the present paper, the...
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Sludge Blanket Anaerobic membrane bioreactor (SB-AnMBR) Treatment of Prehydrolysis Liquor from the Dissolving Pulp Industry
Performance of innovative sludge-blanket anaerobic membrane bioreactors (SB-AnMBRs) was evaluated at mesophilic (35oC for 400 days) followed by thermophilic (55oC for 330 days) temperatures for the treatment of the...
Fully Automatic Detection and Segmentation Approach for Juxta-Pleural Nodules From CT Images
Early detection of all types of lung nodules with different characters in medical modality images using computer-aided detection is the best acceptable remedy to save the lives of lung cancer sufferers. But accuracy of different...
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Improvised Spam Detection in Twitter Data Using Lightweight Detectors and Classifiers
Receiving spam messages is one of the most serious issues in social media, especially in Twitter, which is a widely used platform to reflect the opinions and emotions of an individual publicly as well as focused to a specific...
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Collaboration Network Analysis Based on Normalized Citation Count and Eigenvector Centrality
In the research community, the estimation of the scholarly impact of an individual is based on either citation-based indicators or network centrality measures. The network-based centrality measures like degree, closeness...
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