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Performance Accretion in Delay Compensation of Networked Control System Using Markov Approach-Based Randomness Estimation in Smith Predictor
By the second decade of the 21st century, there has been a multi-faceted technological development in the field of networked control system (NCS). This progression in NCS has not only revealed its significant applications in...
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Alleviation of Delay in Tele-Surgical Operations Using Markov Approach-Based Smith Predictor
The acceptance of tele-robotics and teleoperations through networked control system (NCS) is increasing day-by-day. NCS involves the feedback control loop system wherein the control components such as actuators and sensors are...
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Consumer Engagement Through Conditional Promotions
This paper investigates consumers' response to conditional promotions (CP) offered in an offline retail store. Using qualitative research inquiry, we decipher the consumer decision-making process by finding the linkages between...
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Purchase Behavior of Generation Z for New-Brand Beauty Products
Consumers get innumerable product options, making it crucial to study their selection among brands v/s new brands. The study explores how in a post covid world, the online purchase behavior of Generation Z female consumers is...
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Exploring Customer Engagement on Social Networking Sites
The growth in popularity of social media and its perfunctory use by individuals throughout the day has sprouted the need to study Customer Engagement (CE) on Social Networking Sites (SNSs) from the consumer’s lens. To understand...
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Two Decades of Research on Consumer Behaviour and Analytics
The present study is a systematic literature review that identifies the context of consumer behaviour and analytics in business to forecast the future of consumer behaviour with changing business trends through TCCM (theory...
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