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Unsupervised Model for Detecting Plagiarism in Internet-based Handwritten Arabic Documents
Due to the rapid increase of internet-based data, there is urgent need for a robust intelligent documents security mechanism. Although there are many attempts to build a plagiarism detection system in natural language documents...
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Moroccan English Department Student Attitudes Towards the Use of Distance Education During COVID-19
Mohamed Benhima
Jul 01, 2021
The current study aims to investigate students' attitudes towards the use of distance education during COVID-19 in Morocco. The first cases of COVID-19 starting from the first weeks of March 2020 has obliged educational...
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The Role of Brand and Fan Personalities in Building Fan-Brand Relationships
Football fans are consumers with special relationship with their favourite teams. Consumer-brand relationship is unique and ultimate in football context. However, the absence of these relationships is mainly due to a lack of...
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Large-Scale System for Social Media Data Warehousing
Social media data become an integral part in the business data and should be integrated into the decisional process for better decision making based on information which reflects better the true situation of business in any...
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Fuzzy Ontology-Based Querying User' Requests Under Uncertain Environment
Mohamed Omri
Jul 01, 2020
Assistance with the use of technical devices is required as soon as the tasks to be performed become complex. This assistance is also needed as soon as the authors provide assistance to users to find solutions to incidents that...
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Satellite Imagery Noising With Generative Adversarial Networks
Using satellite imagery and remote sensing data for supervised and self-supervised learning problems can be quite challenging when parts of the underlying datasets are missing due to natural phenomena (clouds, fog, haze, mist...
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Classification of Eyes Based on Fuzzy Logic
The systems of eye classification in an image are indispensable in several domains. To better find the class of membership of the eye in a minimal time, the classic methods of detection are inadequate. Fuzzy logic is considered...
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Metaheuristic-Based Control for Three-Phase Grid-Connected Solar Photovoltaic Systems
In this paper, a novel cascade control technique is proposed in order to identify the parameters of cascade controllers in a grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) system. Here, tuning of the inner and outer loop controllers is done...
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Strategic Values of Cloud Computing Transformation
This article aims to study the strategic transformative value dimensions of cloud computing. Organizational requirements, managerial strategic objectives, and their attendant challenges are very specific indicators that enable...
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Patterns of Touch Screen Technology Use in Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage
The purpose of this study is to examine the effective use of interactive touchscreen technology by pilgrims and the Umrah performers during the Hajj and Umrah rituals. The study relied on a media survey methodology. A...
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Adopting IFRS as a Moderating Variable on the Relationship Between Accounting Information and Market Responses
The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of adopting International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) on the relationship between accounting information and market responses. We investigate the impact of the IFRS...
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Human Resources Information Systems Implementation and Influences in Higher Education
The research seeks to develop and test a theoretical model to explain the implementation and influences of human resource information systems (HRIS's) for a Malaysian higher education institution. Data was gathered from 103...
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Decision Framework for Cross-Platform Mobile Development Frameworks Using an Integrated Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Methodology
Because of the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, the use of mobile applications has exploded recently. However, the variety of mobile platforms compels developers to create an app for each, making the process more...
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Effect of Preventive Maintenance on Machine Reliability in a Beverage Packaging Plant
This paper investigates the effect of preventive maintenance on the reliabilities of devices in a bottling plant. Six months of real-time maintenance data were analyzed quantitatively. Based on the breakdown events obtained for...
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Solving a Real Case of Seafaring Staff Scheduling Problem Using Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm
This work deals with Human Resource Scheduling Problem (HRSP) where fairness is a very important factor when assigning different shifts to the seafaring teams. This type of problem is part and partial of the NP-hard problems...
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Challenges Facing Faculty Members When Using a Learning Management System
Universities use learning management systems (LMS) to support teaching practices and add value to the educational system. A leading university in the gulf region (XYZ) provides support for faculty members (FMs) through its...
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A New Fast Intersection Algorithm for Sorted Lists on GPU
Set intersection algorithms between sorted lists are important in triangles counting, community detection in graph analysis and in search engines where the intersection is computed between queries and inverted indexes. Many...
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A Proposed Ontology-Based Generic Context Model for Ubiquitous Learning
Context modeling is the keystone to enable the intelligent system to adapt its functionalities properly to different situations. As such, a representation mechanism that allows an adequate manipulation of this kind of...
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Transfer Learning for Highlighting Diagnosis in Pathological Anatomy Based on Immunohistochemistry
In the medical field, the diagnostic phase is the most important, as the entire treatment process will be based on this step. Oncological diseases such as breast cancer require a precise anatomopathological study accompanied...
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Dynamics of Contextual Factors, Technology Paradox, and Job Performance in Smartphone Usage
The purpose of this paper is to explore the theories pertaining to the dynamics of contextual factors, technology paradox, and job performance of employees so as to answer specific questions related to the theories’ progressive...
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Efficient Open Domain Question Answering With Delayed Attention in Transformer-Based Models
Open Domain Question Answering (ODQA) on a large-scale corpus of documents (e.g. Wikipedia) is a key challenge in computer science. Although Transformer-based language models such as Bert have shown an ability to outperform...
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Towards Intelligent Road Traffic Management Over a Weighted Large Graphs Hybrid Meta-Heuristic-Based Approach
This paper introduces a new approach of hybrid meta-heuristics based optimization technique for decreasing the computation time of the shortest paths algorithm. The problem of finding the shortest paths is a combinatorial...
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An Empirical Assessment of the Relationship Between Information Intensity and IT Leaders' Role and Structural Power
Using the theoretical lens of the contingency approach to leadership, this study explores the relationship between the information intensity of the organization’s value chains and IT leaders’ role and structural power. Based on...
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