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Improving Park Maintenance Efficiency Using a Mobile Application
This article describes the construction and evaluation of a mobile application for use by park maintenance personnel that features an interactive map allowing for real time positioning of the user in relation to equipment...
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Optimal PM2.5 emission reduction strategies for an industrial park based on China’s 12th five-year plan on air pollution prevention and control
Over the past decades, China has been undertaking extremely rapid industrialization and urbanization. Along with economic boom, many adverse environmental effects are emerging. Among them, it is of great significance for the...
A Case Study of Tourism in North Carolina State Parks Using Google Trends
Aaron Scott
Jul 01, 2021
The purpose of this study is to examine available innovative technologies as a means to forecast visitors to the North Carolina State Park system. The research will use Google Trends as the innovative technology and using the...
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Two Decades of Research on Consumer Behaviour and Analytics
The present study is a systematic literature review that identifies the context of consumer behaviour and analytics in business to forecast the future of consumer behaviour with changing business trends through TCCM (theory...
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Adopting a Student-Inquiry Stance for Teaching Genetics
Patrick Wells
May 17, 2018
While teaching genetics over a 10-year time span, I committed to change my pedagogy to include more student-inquiry. The main agent for this change was an epiphany caused by a difficult, yet enlightening experience with action...
On Trampled Ground
Amanda Warner
Mar 24, 2021
In her work, Rossiter (2011) considered the violence inherent in representation and called for a critical social work that is committed to an unsettled practice. In following Rossiter’s call to action , this article works to...
Evaluation of a Computer Vision-Based System to Analyse Behavioral Changes in High School Classrooms
The objectives of this study were to investigate the feasibility of applying computer vision techniques and to analyse changes in behaviour and movement of high school students during class. The study is performed over two...
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Prediction of Bike Share Demand by Machine Learning
In the fourth industrial revolution period, multinational companies and start-ups have applied a sharing economy concept to their business and have attempted to better serve customer demand by integrating demand prediction...
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