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Architecting and Developing Big Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) in the Digital Economy
To revamp with new creative age characterized by ongoing digital transformation, more and more industries are capitalizing on digital innovation for their sustainable business growth. Drawing on a systematic literature review...
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Consumer Preferences of Organised Retail Outlet in Coimbatore District
Retail industry is an important source of self employment in India since a long ago. As change is the important rule of the environment. So, today, we can also see a drastic change in the retail industry too. Today, retail...
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Mapping Intrinsic Vulnerability to Pollution Using the DRASTIC Method in the Temara Groundwater (Northwestern Morocco)
the DRASTIC method was chosen because it can be adapted to different environments and because it combines the seven criteria that directly influence groundwater: depth, recharge, geology, soil, slope, unsaturated zone and...
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