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Factors Affecting the Behavioural Intentions of Indian Millennials
Previous studies have examined consumer attitudes toward online services, while few studies have explored factors affecting the behavioural intention of online food delivery services. The purpose of this study is to explore...
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An Approach to Prevent Air Pollution and Generate Electricity Using Nanostructured Carbon Materials
Pollution is one of the major threats for the environment as well as society. It causes severe problems for the living organisms and can gives birth of various unknown issues. Different sources like cars, industrial belts...
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A Novel Sleep Scoring Algorithm-Based Framework and Sleep Pattern Analysis Using Machine Learning Techniques
Maintaining the suited amount of sleep is considered the prime component for maintaining a proper and adequate health condition. Often it has been observed that people having sleep inconsistency tend to jeopardize the health and...
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Using Naturalistic Vehicle-Based Data to Predict Distraction and Environmental Demand
This research utilized vehicle-based measures from a naturalistic driving dataset to detect distraction as indicated by long off-path glances (≥ 2 s) and whether the driver was engaged in a secondary (non-driving) task or not...
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