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Cyber Security Solutions for Businesses in Financial Services
This paper examines the challenges that small, medium, and large businesses in the financial services industry are facing concerning data security and providing relevant tools and strategies to protect the same. A qualitative...
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A Modified GA-Based Load Balanced Clustering Algorithm for WSN
The prevalent applications of WSN have fascinated a plethora of research efforts. Sensor nodes have serious limitations such as battery lifetime, memory constraints, and computational capabilities. Clustering is an important...
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A Survey on Arabic Handwritten Script Recognition Systems
The optical character recognition (OCR) system is still an active research field in pattern recognition. Such systems can identify, recognize and distinguish electronically between characters and texts, printed or handwritten....
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A Blockchain-Based Approach for Secure Data Migration From the Cloud to the Decentralized Storage Systems
The use of the Cloud computing has been constantly on the rise. However, there are many challenges associated with the Cloud, such as high bandwidth requirements, data security, vendor lock-in and others. The recent rise of...
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