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Hurricane Damage Detection From Satellite Imagery Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Hurricanes are one of the most disastrous natural phenomena occurring on Earth that cause loss of human lives and immense damage to property as well. For assessment of this damage, windshield survey is commonly used, which is an...
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Decision-Making Risk Management in Indian Industries
Dushyant Gupta
Apr 30, 2022
Indian corporations' risk management practises are examined in this study. Enterprise-wide risk management (ERM) implementation can be broken down into three broad categories: enabling factors in the organisation, ERM practises...
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Do We Really Need Elderly-Friendly Integrated Care Portals?
Chabi Gupta
Jan 01, 2023
Elderly-friendly integrated care portals are a relatively new phenomenon that could be a helpful addition to physical primary care, for example, by lowering costs and increasing access to healthcare. However, such platforms are...
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A Comprehensive Review of Map-Matching Techniques
The map matching method gets simpler with higher precision positioning systems, but because the positioning framework is still not sufficiently precise or too costly for marginal map matching in practice, it is still a hot...
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Secure Fine-Grained Keyword Search With Efficient User Revocation and Traitor Tracing in the Cloud
Mamta, Brij Gupta
Oct 01, 2020
Fine-grained searching is an important feature in multi-user cloud environment and a combination of attribute-based encryption (ABE) and searchable encryption (SE) is used to facilitate it. This combination provides a powerful...
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A System Dynamics Approach to SME Resilience Under the Economic Stress of the COVID-19 Pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic reshapes our knowledge and reconceptualises our belief in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as more flexible and resilient than bigger organisations under difficult socioeconomic conditions. The critical...
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A Key-Based Mutual Authentication Framework for Mobile Contactless Payment System Using Authentication Server
This paper presents a framework for mutual authentication between a user device and a point of sale (POS) machine using magnetic secure transmission (MST) to prevent the wormhole attack in Samsung pay. The primary attribute of...
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Volatility in Indian Stock Markets During COVID-19
The aim of the paper is to evaluate the impact of novel COVID-19 on the returns and volatility of Indian stock markets with special reference to equity investment strategies of Bombay Stock Exchange. For the purpose of...
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A TISM and MICMAC Analysis of Factors During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Indian Apparel Supply Chain
The objective of this study is to explore the challenges faced by the Indian apparel supply chain in the wake of COVID-19 to identify the factors that are being affected and build a multilevel hierarchy model to prioritize the...
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Impact of Knowledge-Based HRM Practices on Organizational Performance
Kanishka Gupta
Jan 01, 2022
This paper examines the components of Intellectual Capital (IC) as mediating variables between knowledge-based Human Resource Management (HRM) practices and organizational performance. Therefore, integrating research channels in...
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Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning-Based Information Retrieval Framework for Assessing Student Performance
S. Gupta, Niraj Mishra
Jan 01, 2022
Improving the quality of education is a challenging activity in every educational institution. Through this research paper, a model has been proposed representing the challenges in order to manage the trade-off to maintain the...
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A Survey on Contactless Smart Cards and Payment System
In recent years, contactless transactions have risen rapidly. It includes NFC, MST, contactless cards, and many other payment methods. These payment methods have certain security issues, and attackers are in a regular search for...
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Designing a XSS Defensive Framework for Web Servers Deployed in the Existing Smart City Infrastructure
Cross-site scripting is one of the notable exceptions effecting almost every web application. Hence, this article proposed a framework to negate the impact of the XSS attack on web servers deployed in one of the major...
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Stock Market Responses to the COVID-19 Health Crisis
The outbreak of the novel COVID-19 pandemic emerged as a major black swan event which has caused shock waves and severely hurt the sentiments of market participants. The pandemic has raised uncertainties and risks all over the...
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Multi-Layer and Clustering-Based Security Implementation for an IoT Environment
IoT devices are having many constraints related to computation power and memory etc. Many existing cryptographic algorithms of security could not work with IoT devices because of these constraints. Since the sensors are used in...
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Forensic Accounting - A Game Changing Approach for Holistic Corporate Sector Development in India
Pawan Kumar Gupta
Dec 31, 2022
Forensic accounting is the prominent instrument in the field of accounting area to tackle the rampant situation of financial fraud. Forensic accounting is a specific branch of accounting. It involves the application of special...
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Mediating Role of Employee Engagement on the Effect of Inclusion and Organizational Diversity on Turnover Intention
The purpose of this research article is to study the effect of inclusion and perceived organizational diversity on turnover intention with the mediating role of employee engagement. Data of 413 participants were evaluated for...
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A Multi-Budget-Based Approach to Enhance the Responsiveness of Aperiodic Task for a Bandwidth-Preserving Server in Real-Time Systems
Within the advanced computation time, real-time application pulled in much more attention. Implementing a better high-quality real-time system requires to improve the responsiveness of the tasks set. This research work aims to...
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Estimating Morphological Features of Plant Growth Using Machine Vision
Motivated by the fact that human visionary intelligence plays a vital role in guiding many of the agriculture practices, this article represents an effective use of machine vision technology for estimating plant morphological...
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A Review on Negation Role in Twitter Sentiment Analysis
Negation is an important linguistic phenomenon that needs to be considered for identifying correct sentiments from the opinionated data available in digital form. It has the power to alter the polarity or strength of the...
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Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attacks and Defense Mechanisms in Various Web-Enabled Computing Platforms
The demand for Internet security has escalated in the last two decades because the rapid proliferation in the number of Internet users has presented attackers with new detrimental opportunities. One of the simple yet powerful...
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Youth and Multiplayer Mobile Games Adoption
The rapidly growing technology has created new form of gaming platform for youth. The online gaming industry is revolutionised with the emergence of information technology and advanced graphical engines. The purpose of this...
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Wearable Technology and Women Empowerment in the Technology Industry
The extant literature has significantly contributed towards the body of knowledge on wearable technology by exploring its potential for enhancing the well-being of consumers. Another strand of literature focuses on the...
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Consumer Expectations From Brands During COVID-19
Consumer expectation is a crucial factor that leads to consumer satisfaction. In this competitive environment, brands must be aware of consumer expectations. The coronavirus pandemic is a worldwide crisis that has changed the...
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Impact of Celebrities on the Buying Behaviour of Consumers
Buying behaviour process goes through many steps which involves many factors affecting its decisions to purchase a good for which final consumption. Here, the recommendation of celebrities has more considerable emotional impact...
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