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Operationalizing Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Customer Analytics Capability in Retailing
The value of customer analytics (CA) and artificial intelligence (AI) has been discussed separately at the forefront of research for business, marketing, and operations management. In spite of the strategic importance of CA and...
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An Improved Image Compression Model Enabled by Adaptive Active Contour and Supervised Learning-Based ROI Classification
This paper plans to develop a novel image compression model with four major phases. (i) Segmentation (ii) Feature Extraction (iii) ROI classification (iv) Compression. The image is segmented into two regions by Adaptive ACM. The...
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Improvement of Segmentation Efficiency in Mammogram Images Using Dual-ROI Method
Mammogram segmentation utilizing multi-region of intrigue is a standout amongst the most rising exploration territory in the medical image analysis. The steps engaged with the research are grouped into two kinds: 1) segmentation...
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