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Obtaining the Dynamic Coefficients of Structuredness for Assessing a Domain
Today, effective management of information requires an in-depth study of its internal organization. The structural organization of information affects the efficiency of choosing a method for solving the problem and the...
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Xavier Tilliette on Revelation as the Measure of Reason
Tyler Tritten
Apr 05, 2022
Xavier Tilliette, born in Sommes, France in 1921, passed away on 10 December 2018 at the age of 97.  Although he first gained notoriety for his many studies of  Schelling, he has also published numerous books and articles on...
Socio-Demographic Impacts on the Personal Savings Portfolio Choice
Insufficiently developed financial system, poor standard of living and inappropriate education of citizens on the saving products, lead to low level of investment in the financial market of developing countries. In this paper...
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Heat Recovery of Low-Grade Energy Sources in the System of Preparation of Biogas Plant Substrates
Preliminary preparation of waste for anaerobic digestion at thermophilic temperature conditions is the most energy-intensive stage of the process of anaerobic bioconversion of production and consumption waste organic matter...
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Structure-Hepatoprotective Activity Relationship Study of Iridoids
Iridoids, the largest class of monoterpenoids, are widespread group of substances present in various plant organisms. This study is devoted to investigation of the hepatoprotective activity of a series of iridoid compounds with...
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