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Rheumatology, collaboration, and modern-day research
Benjamin Edwards
Jan 01, 2023
An interview with Dr. Proton Rahman, a rheumatologist, genetic epidemiologist, and professor at Memorial University. Dr. Rahman has been working in the province for the past 24 years and in addition to his clinical work, has...
Consumer Engagement With Visual Content on Instagram
Despite Instagram’s popularity among the Y and Z generation consumers, social media research investigating factors that can influence customer engagement on Instagram remains limited. The uses and gratifications theory underpins...
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The Application of a Socio-Economic Indicator for Calculating the Bandwidth of a Backbone in a WAN
Basri Ahmedi
Jan 01, 2022
In a regional network, the graph branches that describe it are not loaded equally with data traffic. A branch that is loaded with traffic will depend on: the number of users in both nodes of the graph, the number of paths that...
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Research on the Multi-Objective Optimization for Return Rate and Risk of Financial Resource Allocation
Shuqi Wan
Jan 01, 2022
Aiming at the problems existing in the optimal allocation of financial resources, this paper establishes an optimization model and calculates the optimal allocation coefficient. With the help of Markowitz's investment theory...
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Optimizing Water Quality Sampling Through Application Of Real Time Ionic Concentration Regression Models
The Water Resources Management Division of the Department of Environment and Conservation performs routine water sampling to measure the physical and chemical parameters of select water bodies in Newfoundland and Labrador. Ionic...
Capital Account Liberalization and Capital Movement in China
Capital account liberalization has always been at the core of economic policymaking. China is a country which has chosen to go gradual in opening up the capital account. The present research seeks to manoeuvre aspects of capital...
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Web Bot Detection System Based on Divisive Clustering and K-Nearest Neighbor Using Biostatistics Features Set
Web bots are destructive programs that automatically fill the web form and steal the data from web sites. According to numerous web bot traffic reports, web bots traffic comprises of more than fifty percent of the total web...
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Understanding the Health Information Sharing Behavior of Social Media Users
Studies have focused on elucidating the sharing behavior of media users. However, few studies have specifically investigated users' health information sharing behavior in the social media context, especially WeChat. This study...
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Entrepreneurial Traits, Competency, Performance, and Sustainability of Micro-Enterprises in Kelantan, Malaysia
This study examined the effects of locus of control, tolerance of ambiguity, vision, persistence, and resilience on entrepreneurial competency, performance, and sustainability among micro-enterprises in Kelantan, Malaysia....
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E-Commerce Adoption Among Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Brunei Darussalam
The advancement of the Internet has enabled firms including micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Brunei Darussalam (Brunei) to adopt e-commerce. E-commerce has helped firms to easily buy and sell their products...
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Customer Satisfaction in Online Shopping in Growing Markets
The aim of this study is to examine the factors affecting customer satisfaction in online shopping. The conceptual model for this study was developed based on the previous research in the online shopping context. In this...
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Organizational Factors, ICT Support, and Affective Commitment
This paper investigates the influence of organizational factors on affective commitment, exploring the moderating role of information and communication technology (ICT) on their relationships. The study is based on empirical...
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Factors Affecting Organizational Effectiveness
This study aims to propose a conceptual framework of organizational effectiveness for Brunei's public sector. This study proposed knowledge sharing as a potential mediator for the relationship between organizational factors...
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Reactive Power Optimization Using New Enhanced Whale Optimization Algorithm
The standard Whale Optimization Algorithm (WOA) involves exploitation and exploration operations which require to be balanced for improved performance. This paper suggests a new enhanced WOA to improve the convergence speed and...
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Impact of Intermediary and Seller Trust on Consumer Repurchase and E-WOM Intentions
This study investigates the impact of intermediary and seller trust on consumers' repurchase intention and electronic word-of-mouth (e-WOM) intention. A total of 337 consumers with online-buying experience were surveyed using a...
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Linkage Between Culture, Leadership, and Knowledge Sharing in MNCs
The paper develops a theoretical model that focuses on the integrated effect of organizational factors on knowledge sharing, taking the moderating effect of training and development. The proposed hypotheses were tested with...
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A Comparative Study of Energy Big Data Analysis for Product Management in a Smart Factory
Energy has been obtained as one of the key inputs for a country's economic growth and social development. Analysis and modeling of industrial energy are currently a time-insertion process because more and more energy is consumed...
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E-Service Quality and Trust on Customer's Patronage Intention: Moderation Effect of Adoption of Advanced Technologies
The extensive development of electronic gadgets along with technology-oriented communication tools has created a significant impact on the realm of online retail banking transactions. In Bangladesh, online retail banking can...
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Phishing attack is a deceitful attempt to steal the confidential data such as credit card information, and account passwords. In this paper, Phish-Shelter, a novel anti-phishing browser is developed, which analyzes the URL and...
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A Dynamic Strategy for Classifying Sentiment From Bengali Text by Utilizing Word2vector Model
In today's world, around 230 million people used the Bengali or Bangla language to communicate. These individuals are progressively associated with online exercises on famous micro-blogging and long-range interpersonal...
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Deconstructing Online Hospitality Review Systems
Online hospitality reviews have an important impact on consumers’ travel and hospitality booking decisions in the Internet age. A well-designed online hospitality review system is crucial to reduce the uncertainty of consumers’...
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Understanding the Usability of a Literature-Based Discovery System Among Clinical Researchers in Sarawak, Malaysia
The rapid increase in scientific publications makes it difficult for researchers to keep up with the latest literature and to explore new research directions. The literature-based discovery (LBD) systems aim to resolve this...
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A Model Study on Hierarchical Assisted Exploration of RBAC
Role-based access control(RBAC) system has been widely used in data security because of its good flexibility and security, wherein RBAC dominates the field of access control. However, the process of establishing RBAC roles is...
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Remarkably Enhanced Lattice Oxygen Participation in Perovskites to Boost Oxygen Evolution Reaction.
Enhancing the participation of the lattice oxygen mechanism (LOM) in several perovskites to significantly boost the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) is daunting. With the rapid decline in fossil fuels, energy research is turning...
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