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Cantonese Children's Songs in Hong Kong
Lily Chen-Hafteck
Nov 19, 2013
A century of British colonial rule over a population of Chinese majority has resulted in a special culture of Hong Kong. While the local people have maintained a considerable amount of the traditional Chinese culture, a very...
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Education for Justice-Oriented and Participatory Citizenship in a Politicized Era in Hong Kong
Shun Ng, Koon Wong
Nov 27, 2020
This chapter aims at introducing issues of citizenship education arising from the social, historical, and political context of Hong Kong before and after its handover from Britain to the People's Republic of China in 1997. It...
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Understanding the Health Information Sharing Behavior of Social Media Users
Studies have focused on elucidating the sharing behavior of media users. However, few studies have specifically investigated users' health information sharing behavior in the social media context, especially WeChat. This study...
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Exploring Learner Perception, Experience and Motivation of Using a Mobile App in L2 Vocabulary Acquisition
Lucas Kohnke
Jan 01, 2020
In recent years, the widespread growth of mobile-assisted language learning using apps has made English vocabulary learning increasingly accessible. This study investigated students' perceptions of a vocabulary learning app...
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Movement from Object Position in Chinese
Zhong-ying Lu
Sep 05, 2013
There is a subject-object asymmetry in Chinese, such that the extraction of a possessor NP from a possessive NP is quite free from subject position but restricted from object position. A possessive tJP consists of a possessor NP...
Exploration of Financial Market Credit Scoring and Risk Management and Prediction Using Deep Learning and Bionic Algorithm
Peng Du, Hong Shu
Jan 01, 2022
The purpose is to effectively manage the financial market, comprehensive assess personal credit, reduce the risk of financial enterprises. Given the systemic risk problem caused by the lack of credit scoring in the existing...
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Autonomous Motivation and Information Security Policy Compliance
Many existing studies focus on the effect of external influence mechanisms (e.g., deterrence) impacting information security policy compliance (ISPC). This study explores the formation of ISPC from an autonomous motivation...
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Graph Database to Enhance Supply Chain Resilience for Industry 4.0
Supply chain network in the automotive industry has complex, interconnected, multiple-depth relationships. Recently, the volume of supply chain data increases significantly with Industry 4.0. The complex relationships and...
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Learning Disease Causality Knowledge From the Web of Health Data
Health information becomes importantly valuable for protecting public health in the current coronavirus situation. Knowledge-based information systems can play a crucial role in helping individuals to practice risk assessment...
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Woher kommt die Hyle? Eine Analyse zur Landgrebeschen Antwort
Ying-Chien Yang
Apr 22, 2021
In der vorliegenden Arbeit befasse ich mich mit der Problematik derEmpfindung, bzw. der Hyle, in Husserls Phänomenologie und derentsprechenden Auslegung von Ludwig Landgrebe. Husserl verwendet denBegriff der Empfindung, bzw. der...
Understanding and Predicting Behavioral Intention to Adopt Mobile Banking
Ilyoo Hong
Jul 01, 2019
Although mobile banking provides cost-saving opportunities as well as convenient banking experience for customers, today's banks still face challenges when deploying the technology because a good number of customers are...
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Interactions Between Culture, Regulatory Structure, and Information Privacy Across Countries
We analyze the relationships between country culture and country regulatory structure pertaining to information privacy concerns (IPC) in the context of social media applications. Drawing on prior research we develop a framework...
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Exploring Multiliteracies and Multimodal Pedagogies in Chinese Language Teaching
Danping Wang, Danni Li
Jan 01, 2022
This study explores one teacher's forays into multiliteracies practices and multimodal pedagogies in teaching a language other than English in an international school in Hong Kong. Using the Action Learning Circle as a guiding...
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Institutional and Cultural Aspects of Logistic Management in the Chinese E-Commerce Sector
Electronic business relies heatedly on a predictive tool to provide consumers with the products online in a brief moment. E-commerce activities are handled by many buyers globally compared to conventional distribution, and with...
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Filtering Infrequent Behavior in Business Process Discovery by Using the Minimum Expectation
The aim of process discovery is to discover process models from the process execution data stored in event logs. In the era of “Big Data,” one of the key challenges is to analyze the large amounts of collected data in meaningful...
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Multiple Criteria DEA-Based Ranking Approach With the Transformation of Decision-Making Units
Jae-Dong Hong
Jan 01, 2021
Though various ranking methods in the data envelopment analysis (DEA) context have emerged since the conventional DEA was introduced, none of them has not been accepted as a universal or a superior method for ranking...
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Prediction of Football Match Results Based on Edge Computing and Machine Learning Technology
Yunfei Li, Yubin Hong
Apr 01, 2022
With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, various machine learning algorithms have been widely used in the task of football match result prediction and have achieved certain results. However, traditional machine...
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Who Contributes to the Sunk Costs of Motor Vehicle Carbon Emissions and Human Capital?
Most carbon emission reduction studies in transportation focus on the natural use of motor vehicles. However, little attention has been paid to fatal driving violations that lead to the sunk costs of human resources investment...
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Designing Controlled Chinese Rules for MT Pre-Editing of Product Description Text
The study aims to investigate how pre-editing based on controlled Chinese rules can be an effective approach to improving Chinese-to-English machine translation (MT) output. Based on the analysis of comparable texts, and by...
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Exploring the Impact of Country-of-Origin Image and Purchase Intention in Cross-Border E-Commerce
Product country-of-origin (COO) is now playing a central role in consumers’ purchase behavior. Previous studies have investigated several factors that impact COO. However, little attention has been paid to the impact of COO on...
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Supplier Evaluation and Selection System of Embedded E-Commerce Platform Based on Big Data
For e-commerce companies, it is easier to obtain a large amount of aggregated data about user behavior with the help of embedded network platforms, which contains valuable information that helps to form effective...
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The Restorative Effects of Virtual Reality Forests on Elderly Individuals During the COVID-19 Lockdown
This study focuses on the restorative effects of immersive virtual reality (VR) forest experiences on elderly people during the COVID-19 lockdown. A field experiment with 63 elderly participants was conducted in an elderly care...
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Potential Green Gains From the Integration of Economies
The integration of economies always attracts much attention from policymakers and researchers. This paper introduces a novel approach to evaluate potential economic and environmental gains from integrating economies. Based on...
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A Novel Particle Swarm Optimization With Genetic Operator and Its Application to TSP
To solve some problems of particle swarm optimization, such as the premature convergence and falling into a sub-optimal solution easily, we introduce the probability initialization strategy and genetic operator into the...
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The Role of Customer-Task Fit Between Service Interaction and Value Co-Creation
As a new value creation phenomenon, value co-creation has been widely concerned by academia and industry. Companies begin to invest significant resources and build information exchange platform to interact with customers in...
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