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Being a Singer
Brian A. Roberts
Nov 19, 2013
Singers both rejoice and suffer under the weight of their instrument. It becomes not only a major part of their identity but, in many cases, it becomes their central or "master status" (Hughes, 1945). This research examines the...
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A Model of Cloud Forensic Application With Assurance of Cloud Log
The key concepts of digital forensic investigation in cloud computing are examination and investigation. Cybercriminals target cloud-based web applications due to presence of vulnerabilities. Forensic investigation is a complex...
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A Novel Framework Using Zero Shot Learning Technique for a Non-Factoid Question Answering System
Non-Factoid Question Answering (QA) is the next generation of textual QA systems, which gives passage level summaries for a natural language query, posted by the user. The main issue lies in the appropriateness of the generated...
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Sentiment Analysis on Movie Reviews Dataset Using Support Vector Machines and Ensemble Learning
The internet makes it easier for people to connect to each other and has become a platform to express ideas and share information with the world. The growth of the internet has indirectly led to the development of social...
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Fully Automatic Detection and Segmentation Approach for Juxta-Pleural Nodules From CT Images
Early detection of all types of lung nodules with different characters in medical modality images using computer-aided detection is the best acceptable remedy to save the lives of lung cancer sufferers. But accuracy of different...
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Optimal Weighted Logarithmic Transformation Converted HMOG Features for Automatic Smart Phone Authentication
Vinod P. R., Anitha A.
Jan 01, 2022
This paper intends to develop an automatic behavior-based smart phone authentication model by three major phases: feature extraction, weighted logarithmic transformation, and classification. Initially, from the data related to...
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Coupling of Dimensionality Reduction and Stacking Ensemble Learning for Smartphone-Based Human Activity Recognition
Human activity recognition (HAR) plays a vital role in the field of ambient assisted living (AAL) for the welfare of the elders who live alone in the home. AAL provides service through ambient sensors, vision systems, smartphone...
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Evaluation of Parameter Settings for Training Neural Networks Using Backpropagation Algorithms
Artificial neural networks (ANN) are widely used for classification, and the training algorithm commonly used is the backpropagation (BP) algorithm. The major bottleneck faced in the backpropagation neural network training is in...
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The Effects of Shoe Heel Heights on Postural, Acoustical, and Perceptual Measures of Female Singing Performances
Amelia A. Rollings
Jan 30, 2014
Voice professionals hold varying opinions about whether shoe heel heights affect vocal performance, but to date no empirical study has addressed this matter. The purpose of this investigation was to determine the effect, if any...
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Health Consensus
New tools are needed to facilitate the involvement of health professionals in healthcare participative processes, partially because a relevant segment of healthcare knowledge and decision-making is capillary distributed among...
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Recommendation-Based Meta-Search Engine for Suggesting Relevant Documents Links
The information available online is mostly present in an unstructured form and search engines are indispensable tools especially in higher education organizations for obtaining information from the Internet. Various search...
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The Effects of Singer Head Position on Listener Preferences and Perceptions of Vocal Timbre
Amelia A. Rollings
Aug 04, 2017
Some vocal pedagogy textbooks encourage singers to keep the head level with the ground (e.g., McKinney, 1994; Miller, 2004). However, other vocal pedagogy texts and articles recommend singers employ a slightly lowered head...
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Parthenogenesis in dipterans
A L Sperling, D M Glover
Apr 17, 2023
Parthenogenesis has been documented in almost every phylum of animals, and yet this phenomenon is largely understudied. It has particular importance in dipterans since some parthenogenetic species are also disease vectors and...
Consumer Preferences of Organised Retail Outlet in Coimbatore District
Retail industry is an important source of self employment in India since a long ago. As change is the important rule of the environment. So, today, we can also see a drastic change in the retail industry too. Today, retail...
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Epigenetics and Language
Chomsky claims that linguistics should be thought of as a branch of biology. Lorenzo and Longa claim that the Minimalist Program is better than previous approaches at connecting language to biology because it relies on...
Assessing the Effect of Work From Home on the Work-Life Balance of IT Employees
The objective of this paper is to assess the effect of work from home (WFH) on the work-life balance of IT employees. The study investigated among 200 IT employees who were in full-time employment at two popular IT parks in...
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The effect of exercise interventions on quality of life in patients with multiple myeloma
PURPOSE: To determine the effect of exercise interventions on quality of life in adults with multiple myeloma. METHODS: A literature search of 10 sources was performed in June 2022 to identify eligible studies for synthesis....
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