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Determining (s, S) Inventory Policy for Healthcare System
In this paper, an (s, S) policy is determined by using a simulation-optimization approach for a periodic review inventory system at a pharmacy department of a major hospital in Thailand. The simulation, which imitates the...
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S-Box Construction Method Based on the Combination of Quantum Chaos and PWLCM Chaotic Map
For a security system built on symmetric-key cryptography algorithms, the substitution box (S-box) plays a crucial role to resist cryptanalysis. In this article, we incorporate quantum chaos and PWLCM chaotic map into a new...
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A Diffraction Service Composition Approach Based on S-ABCPC
In recent years, research on the QoS-aware service composition problem often assumes that each component service in the process to be solved is equally essential. They do not consider the impact of core component services and...
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Social Commerce
The present study performs the bibliometric analysis of the social commerce (s-commerce) literature, highlights the major research themes, and suggests future research directions. The HistCite software has been used for...
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The Relationship Between Bitcoin and Stock Market
This article analyzes the relationship between Bitcoin and the stock market by using a vector autoregressive model. To enhance the impulse response signal, the Sliding Window technique is applied. Study results show the...
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Foreword, author bios, artist's statement
p s
Jan 06, 2012
The preface to the issue, author bios, and an artist's statement from Tanya Doody on the cover art, Greeting Gesture.
The Number One Question About Feminism
From its earliest beginnings, the women’s movement has evolved into a complex enterprise combining social, political, economic and academic organizations around the globe. The move into the academic scene (women’s...
The Determinants of eWoM in Social Commerce
The influence of eWoM use for s-commerce in the context of Arab region remains unexplored. To bridge this gap, this study develops a model for eWoM use for s-commerce post adoption. This model link three antecedents-factors...
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Oct 05, 2013
Dans cet article, nous discutons de l’interaction apprenant-tâche-dictionnaire à l’ordinateur. Nous faisons un survol de la littérature en lexicographie pédagogique dédiée...
Comparative Effect of Interactive Multimedia to Text-Based Content for Software Application Courses
Edwin Kivuti
Oct 01, 2021
This study evaluated the comparative effect of interactive multimedia to text-based content on learners taking a software application course.111 participants took part in the study. The researcher employed the use of web...
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The Rumble in the Meson
Ben Allanach, Joe Davighi
Apr 12, 2023
Abstract We juxtapose global fits of two bottom-up models (an S3 scalar leptoquark model and a...
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Accuracy Investigation of Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) Processed ABS and ULTRAT Parts
This paper aims to assess the dimensional deviation of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) processed ABS and ULTRAT parts using a new geometrical model which can evaluate three types of dimensional deviation: along the z-axis, along...
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Person in the English Verb
Sep 05, 2013
When one thinks of the -5 ending in English, the first use that comes to mind is probably that in which it expresses the notion of plurality. However the -5 morph is also pressed into service for other very different purposes...
My Own Modest Exercise in Dialectic
Cyril Orji
Nov 12, 2022
Cyril Orji is professor of theology and Core Integrated Study. He is the author of numerous books, including Unmasking the African Ghost (2022), A Semiotic Christology (2021), and A Science–Theology Rapprochement (2018). His...
Maggie O'Toole
Aug 17, 2009
Israel, since its declaration of independence, has taken a realist perspective in its foreign policy. Yet, despite the offensive realist nature of its foreign policy, it suffered a near defeat in the Yom Kippur War in 1973....
Social Networking Services and Social Trust in Social Commerce
Osama Sohaib
Mar 01, 2021
This study researches the mediating consequence of social trust (identification-based trust and information-based trust) on the relationship between social networking services (SNS) use and social commerce intention. The study...
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An Improved Text Extraction Approach With Auto Encoder for Creating Your Own Audiobook
As we all know, listening makes learning easier and interesting than reading. An audiobook is a software that converts text to speech. Though this sounds good, the audiobooks available in the market are not free and feasible for...
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Mediating Role of Employee Engagement on the Effect of Inclusion and Organizational Diversity on Turnover Intention
The purpose of this research article is to study the effect of inclusion and perceived organizational diversity on turnover intention with the mediating role of employee engagement. Data of 413 participants were evaluated for...
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Automatic Text Summarization by Providing Coverage, Non-Redundancy, and Novelty Using Sentence Graph
The day-to-day growth of online information necessitates intensive research in automatic text summarization (ATS). The ATS software produces summary text by extracting important information from the original text. With the help...
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Hybrid Framework for a Robust Face Recognition System Using EVB_CNN
Recognition of the human face is becoming an ingenious technology that enhancing its strategy gradually by finding its applications in a wide variety of fields including security and surveillance. The traditional methods that...
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Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning-Based Information Retrieval Framework for Assessing Student Performance
S. Gupta, Niraj Mishra
Jan 01, 2022
Improving the quality of education is a challenging activity in every educational institution. Through this research paper, a model has been proposed representing the challenges in order to manage the trade-off to maintain the...
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Functional Specialization And the Education of Liberty
William J. Zanardi
Oct 20, 2010
This article locates Lonergan’s call for a new political economy within a larger project, the “education of liberty,” one aim of which is to have large numbers of producers and consumers voluntarily and ...
Factors Affecting the Success of Social Commerce in Kuwaiti Microbusinesses
Many studies have focused on the adoption of social commerce (s-commerce) by customers but not by businesses or by microbusinesses. Further, they have investigated this adoption from a researcher's perspective while using...
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The Philosophical Foundations of the Late Schelling
Appearing in New Perspectives in Ontology McGrath´s thoughtful and insightful study not only offers a consistent reading of the late Schelling but also demonstrates the relevance of Schelling´s later works to contemporary...
Teaching Foundations in Peace Studies
Robert Henman
Oct 20, 2010
This article explores the relation of serious theoretical reflection to effective teaching and practice. The article explores the curiosity of the human person as a foundation to Peace Studies. It also attempts to show that...