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Heat Recovery of Low-Grade Energy Sources in the System of Preparation of Biogas Plant Substrates

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJEOE.298693
Published by: IGI Global


Preliminary preparation of waste for anaerobic digestion at thermophilic temperature conditions is the most energy-intensive stage of the process of anaerobic bioconversion of production and consumption waste organic matter, therefore, the search for ways to reduce energy consumption at this stage remains an urgent task. The article proposes a technological solution to maintain the temperature regime of the digester operation due to the utilization of existing waste low-grade energy sources using a compression heat pump. The flow diagram of the experimental biogas plant is shown and a description of its operation is given. The dependences of the absolute and specific rates of heating of the influent and cooling of the effluent on the initial temperature of the effluent are given. The principal possibility of maintaining the temperature regime in the digester is shown by using the heat recovery of the effluent using a compression heat pump.