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Finite Element Modelling for Failure Prevention of Coated Piston Compression Ring

OAI: DOI: 10.4018/IJMMME.299057
Published by: IGI Global


Finite element simulation using ANSYS software, to analyze the effect of coating layers of different materials on piston compression ring. Similar material properties to that in the actual structural piston-compression-ring were considered on the simulated model. Three different coating materials, MgZrO3, La2Zr2O6, 3YSZ, and NiCrAl as bond coat materials of 1.6 mm thickness, were chosen to investigate the deformation, von Misses stress-strain, temperature distribution, heat flux of the core and coating layers. The results showed that the total elastic deformation was maximum for coating type MgZrO6, which was equal to 1.767 µm, and was higher by 0.46 times than uncoated ring. While, maximum von Misses stress was observed for coating type La2Zr2O6, which was higher by 1.69 times than that of the uncoated ring. Moreover, the maximum elastic strain was for type MgZrO6, which was equal to 0.003576, higher by 12.33 times comparing with the uncoated ring. Also, temperature rise and heat flux were maximum in the case of the uncoated ring.