Uncovering the Potential of Open Science

The AGOSR Mission

AGOSR fosters an inclusive approach to the accessibility and innovation of open access research by working with publishers, librarians, and researchers worldwide to cultivate principles, share practices, and distribute open access content within the global research community.

The AGOSR Vision

AGOSR seeks to create a collaborative environment that supports all communities and individuals, especially those that are marginalized, by helping them to find their space and their voice in the Open Access ecosystem.

The AGOSR Benefits

What Makes AGOSR Stand Out:

  • Offers an inclusive publisher agnostic open access repository that houses BOTH book and journal open access content.
  • Offers a platform for all open access stakeholders to discuss best open access practices, standards, and policies.
  • A North American-based initiative dedicated to promoting equitable opportunities in OA without biased or subjective approval standards, etc.*
  • Expands reach and ease of access to open science without limitation.
  • Operates as a separate entity without contingencies requiring membership or inclusion in other organizations, directories, or repositories.
  • Offers all open access stakeholders opportunities to contribute equally.
  • Focuses solely on the merit of the research.
  • Supports marginalized communities to be able to produce open access research.

*All supporting publishers within the AGOSR repository will be assessed to ensure that their scientific rigor (peer review or validation) processes meet AGOSR’s ethical standards.