AGOSR is committed to the growth of a diverse and equal community and is dedicated to the development and sharing of open research all over the world.

Learn More About AGOSR’s Inclusion Policies Below:

  • Open Access Research Accessibility: All vetted and ethically sound open access research is available for inclusion in the AGOSR Open Access Repository and is available to all. Open access research is encouraged from all races, ethnicities, genders, religious affiliations, political affiliations, regions, etc. and is shared equally.
  • Inclusive Representation: All organizations within the open access ecosystem are welcome to promote their open access research. Organizations wishing to share open access research through AGOSR need only demonstrate best open access practices.
  • Equal and Fair Collaboration: AGOSR provides an equal opportunity space for all open access stakeholders to voice their opinions and promote their open access publications. The aggregator does not allow one governing body to dictate what the best practices are in open science; rather, that all are included in the advancement of open research.
  • Transparency and Communication: AGOSR maintains clear and transparent criteria for content that can be shared that mirrors the ever-evolving mandates of open access. Open dialogue is encouraged to ensure that AGOSR never becomes rigid or stuck into one outdated practice.
  • Ethical Standards Promotion: The best practices for ensuring ethical open science are discussed, promoted, and challenged in order to secure the utmost integrity of open content.
  • Both Publisher & Peer Review Agnostic: As long as publishers are producing open access content that follows a careful vetting process, they are welcome to add their open access content to AGOSR. This means that publishers who are new or veteran, small or large, publish in a wide variety of scientific disciplines or in underrepresented research areas, will all be offered the same opportunity to participate.