The Aggregator of Global Open Science and Research (AGOSR) was established in 2022, and serves as a global aggregator through its robust open access platform which contains a growing repository of quality resources. It is the commitment of AGOSR to offer a space where all stakeholders can aggregate their open resources as AGOSR adheres to unbiased, neutral acceptance policies.

The AGOSR Mission

AGOSR is committed to ensuring the highest level of accessibility and innovation of open research by working with publishers, librarians, and researchers worldwide to cultivate principles, share practices, and actively aggregate and host quality open access content within the global research community.

The AGOSR Vision

AGOSR seeks to offer a collaborative environment that supports a variety of organizations and individuals through the provision of a robust discovery platform of open access content while also cultivating an inclusive community space where they can freely share their observations and experiences within the open access ecosystem.