Add Your Open Access Content to AGOSR’s Platform

AGOSR serves as a global aggregator of open access content through its robust repository of open resources and innovative discovery services. AGOSR is frequently crawling open access repositories and publisher websites for high-quality open access content to add to the platform; however, if you do not see any of your content within the AGOSR Open Access Repository and are interested in connecting with AGOSR and having your content added, please submit an application or contact us directly at

*Note: AGOSR is currently only aggregating content directly from publishers at the moment. There are future plans to accept content submissions on the individual level from researchers.

Benefits of Connecting with AGOSR & Aggregating Open Access Content
  • Include your open access content free-of-charge in AGOSR’s Open Access Repository for wider dissemination and increased usage, citation rates, and download rates.
  • Innovative discovery services ensure that your content benefits from optimal visibility and discoverability.
  • Support a collective search of global open research content.
  • Easy management of open access content aggregated into the repository.
  • Receive usage reports for content aggregated into the repository.
  • State your collaboration on your promotional content and utilize AGOSR’s logo for promotional purposes.
  • Promote your organization’s open access publishing services and activities through the AGOSR website and AGOSR’s Open Access Repository.
  • Contribute to dialogue on current open access best practices, standards, and policies.
  • Support marginalized communities to be able to produce and share open access research.
  • Networking opportunities with other open access publishers.
  • Helps funders to monitor open research and accelerate availability of resources for researchers worldwide.
  • Explore a wealth of open access research among various publishers and peers through advanced search capabilities.
Publisher Criteria
  • Publish open access content (any format) that undergoes a careful vetting process.
  • Publishers may be international or regional but should publish inclusive and diverse research to the best of their ability.

*At this stage, AGOSR is welcoming University presses, library presses, and society presses to join, with a plan to expand membership to all publishers shortly.

Donate to AGOSR

Having your content aggregated into the AGOSR Open Access Repository is free as AGOSR’s content aggregation process and hosting is a not-for-profit endeavor. However, organizations may choose to support AGOSR through donations of any amount to better sustain AGOSR’s service provisions which includes the maintenance of the repository. Donations allow publishers to show their commitment to making open access research accessible to all. Organizations that wish to make a donation to AGOSR are encouraged to contact us at

Donations to AGOSR are used toward:

  • Maintaining the AGOSR Open Access Repository.
  • Expansion and enhancement of the AGOSR Open Access Repository for the better global distribution of its content.
  • Supporting authors from marginalized communities seeking to publish open access research.
  • Building an open access fund that can support disadvantaged researchers.

Coming Soon – Library and Researcher Collaborations