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An Integrated Structural Equation Model of eHealth Behavioral Intention
eHealth offers promising tools and services to manage and improve the quality of health as well as the potential to provide accessible health information all over the world. The relatively low adoption rates among eHealth users...
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A Review of Methodological Integration in Land-Use Change Models
Global change research communities are paying increasing attention to answering critical questions related to land-use change, questions which are at the root of many pressing socio-economic and environmental issues. In this...
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A Dual-Role Collaborative Learning Support System for Simultaneous Speaking Acquisition in English and Japanese
Learning a foreign language is becoming more vital in Japan as a result of globalization. It gives foreigners various reasons to study Japanese including working or living in Japan. They should exchange language and skills and...
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Sustainable Reuse Strategies of Enterprise Financial Management Model Following Deep Learning Under Big Data
Na Ta, Bo Gao
Mar 22, 2022
The study aims to help enterprises to formulate a financial sustainable development strategy. A financial crisis forecast system based on deep learning (DL) is proposed to assist enterprises in checking their financial bills in...
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Formal Analysis of Database Trigger Systems Using Event-B
Most modern relational database systems use triggers to implement automatic tasks in response to specific events happening inside or outside a system. A database trigger is a human readable block code without any formal...
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The Behavioral Intention of Using Online Food Delivery Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Vietnam
Growing internet technology has incurred variations in customer way of life and online shopping habits. Originating from the integrated framework of technology acceptance model and health belief model, the purpose of this study...
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Towards a Secure DevOps Approach for Cyber-Physical Systems
With the expansion of cyber-physical systems (CPSs) across critical and regulated industries, systems must be continuously updated to remain resilient. At the same time, they should be extremely secure and safe to operate and...
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