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Reversible Data Hiding Based on Adaptive Block Selection Strategy
Recently, a reversible data hiding (RDH) method was proposed based on local histogram shifting. This method selects the peak bin of the local histogram as a reference and expands the two neighboring bins of the peak bin to carry...
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Application of an Encoding Revision Algorithm in Overlapping Coalition Formation
Overlapping coalition formation is a very active research field in multi-agent systems (MAS). In overlapping coalition, each agent can participate in different coalitions corresponding to multiple tasks at the same time. As each...
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Identifying the Group Differences in the Impact of Haze on Residents' Low-Carbon Travel
This paper matches the large-scale survey data and the corresponding historical weather data to explore how air pollution impacts on low-carbon travel choices. The K-means algorithm is employed to cluster the personal...
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A Predictive and Trajectory-Aware Edge Service Allocation Approach in a Mobile Computing Environment
Ling Huang, Bin Shuai
Jan 01, 2022
The mobile edge computing (MEC) model is featured by the ability to provision elastic computing resources close to user requests at the edge of the internet. This paradigm moves traditional digital infrastructure close to mobile...
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Gedenkwort von 1991 für Ludwig Landgrebe
Klaus Held
Apr 27, 2021
Nach dem Tod von Ludwig Landgrebe am 14. August 1991 fand eine Wochespäter in seinem Wohnort Bergisch-Gladbach (nahe der Stadt Köln, an derenUniversität er gelehrt hatte) am 22. August ein Trauergottesdienst statt. DieFamilie...
Emotion-Drive Interpretable Fake News Detection
Fake news has brought significant challenges to the healthy development of social media. Although current fake news detection methods are advanced, many models directly utilize unselected user comments and do not consider the...
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Chinese Students' Perceptions of Using Mobile Devices for English Learning
Bin Zou, Xinxin Yan
Jul 01, 2014
The advance of mobile technology has turned portable, handheld devices into an integral part of students' daily life, and also paved the way for the rise of mobile assisted language learning. This study focused on how Chinese...
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Point of View in Translator's Style
Yang Liu
Oct 31, 2022
Based on self-built parallel and comparable corpora, this paper explores the translator's style manifested in two Chinese translations of Moment in Peking (one by Zhang Zhenyu and the other by Yu Fei). The findings demonstrate...
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Research on the Influence Maximization Problem in Social Networks Based on the Multi-Functional Complex Networks Model
Gengxin Sun, Sheng Bin
May 01, 2022
Most of the existing influence maximization problem in social networks only focus on single relationship social networks, that is, there is only one relationship in social networks. However, in reality, there are often many...
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A Study on the Factors Influencing the Teaching Effect of Moral and Social Courses in Primary Schools
Taking the influence of various factors on the teaching effect of moral and social courses of primary school students as the research content, a unified examination was conducted on third-grade students from 413 primary schools...
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Vocabulary in ESL Reading
Yushuo Zhang
Dec 20, 2018
Vocabulary learning is of great importance for learners’ language acquisition. All language learners learn new words through receptive skills: listening and reading. Of the two, reading has the advantage of providing visual...
Open Data Services in the Library
The opening and sharing of data are gaining momentum in the era of big data. Libraries have been actively involved in the research and practice of open data. At present, the related research in Chinese libraries is still in...
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Intrusion Detection Using Normalized Mutual Information Feature Selection and Parallel Quantum Genetic Algorithm
Zhang Ling, Zhang Hao
Jan 01, 2022
This paper presents a detection algorithm using normalized mutual information feature selection and cooperative evolution of multiple operators based on adaptive parallel quantum genetic algorithm (NMIFS MOP- AQGA). The proposed...
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“Teach Me How to Stay on Top of Things”
Heidi Zhang
Dec 12, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted universities across the globe to shift to digital platforms. This shift has ensured the minimization of disruption by offering flexible, transparent, and accessible remote learning that aligns...
The Dynamic Impacting Study of Competitive Strategies to Import Retail E-Commerce Sellers
Xuanxuan Zhang
Oct 01, 2018
The authors investigated several import retail e-commerce sellers through questionnaires and selected several types of variables based on Porter's competitive strategy theory. Then the authors used the panel data to empirically...
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API Recommendation Based on WII-WMD
Improving software development efficiency based on existing APIs is one of the hot researches in software engineering. Understanding and learning so many APIs in large software libraries is not easy and software developers...
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Biosorption of Silver using Metal-Imprinted Thiourea-Modified Glutaraldehyde-Crosslinked O-Carboxymethyl Chitosan Beads
Chitosan, an abundant biopolymer obtained from deacetylation of chitin, has been proved to be a promising biosorbent for metal uptake. Grafting new functional groups on the chitosan backbone was also reported to be efficient in...
Biosurfactant Production by Rhodococcus Erythropolis Sp. SB-1A Isolated from North Atlantic Ocean
Biosurfactant production by Rhodococcus erythropolis SB-1A was studied based on Atlas oil agar medium in a batch reactor. The strain was isolated from a water sample collected from Northern Atlantic Ocean. Several parameters...
An Intrusion Detection System Based on Normalized Mutual Information Antibodies Feature Selection and Adaptive Quantum Artificial Immune System
Zhang Ling, Zhang Hao
Jan 01, 2022
The intrusion detection system (IDS) has lower speed, less adaptability and lower detection accuracy especially for small samples sets. This paper presents a detection model based on normalized mutual antibodies information...
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Development of a risk rank model for environmental risk assessment of abrupt water pollution accidents - with the case of Laoguan River Basin
In recent years, abrupt water pollution accidents have broken out frequently in watersheds and caused huge environmental and economic losses. These accidents have become one of the most serious environmental problems in China....
B2C E-Commerce Logistics Network Optimization Model
Xiaheng Zhang
Aug 01, 2021
In this paper, considering the characteristics of e-commerce logistics and the problems arising from the construction of logistics network, based on the full investigation and research of the B2C electricity supplier operation...
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