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Exploring College Students' Deeper Learning Perceptions in the Blended Learning Environment
With the rapid development of information communication technology (ICT) in teaching, deeper learning has become an essential competency for success in the 21st-century classroom. College students' deeper learning assessments...
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Transducers as Gates to the Universe
Ciulin Dan
Jan 01, 2021
The ‘main structure and performances’ of any physical system may be (nearly) maintained for a given time interval only if this system is kept inside a kind of ‘shell’ that protects it and only, if the necessary (desired)...
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NIR Spectroscopy Oranges Origin Identification Framework Based on Machine Learning
Songjian Dan
Jan 01, 2022
Research on the identification model of orange origin based on machine learning in Near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy. According to the characteristics of NIR spectral data, a complete general framework for origin identification...
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Mobile Edge Computing to Assist the Online Ideological and Political Education
Dan Wang, Jian Zhao
Apr 01, 2022
With the rapid development of mobile Internet technology, mobile network data traffic presents an explosive growth trend. Especially, the proportion of mobile video business has become a large proportion in mobile Internet...
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Reversible Data Hiding Based on Adaptive Block Selection Strategy
Recently, a reversible data hiding (RDH) method was proposed based on local histogram shifting. This method selects the peak bin of the local histogram as a reference and expands the two neighboring bins of the peak bin to carry...
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Time-Aware CF and Temporal Association Rule-Based Personalized Hybrid Recommender System
Most recommender systems usually combine several recommendation methods to enhance the recommendation accuracy. Collaborative filtering (CF) is a best-known personalized recommendation technique. While temporal association...
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Designing and Evaluating an Automatic Forensic Model for Fast Response of Cross-Border E-Commerce Security Incidents
The rapid development of cross-border e-commerce over the past decade has accelerated the integration of the global economy. At the same time, cross-border e-commerce has increased the prevalence of cybercrime, and the future...
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A Study of Health Insurance Fraud in China and Recommendations for Fraud Detection and Prevention
Healthcare insurance fraud influences not only organizations by overburdening the already fragile healthcare systems, but also individuals in terms of increasing premiums in health insurance and even fatalities. Identifying the...
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Are Entrepreneurial Capabilities and Prior Knowledge the Silver Bullet for the Generation of New Digital Venture Ideas in a Digital Context?
Digital technology has had changed the uncertain nature of the process of new venture idea generation, and it has also brought unprecedented opportunities for the generation of new digital venture ideas. To explore how startups...
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Improved Semantic Representation Learning by Multiple Clustering for Image-Based 3D Model Retrieval
Under the heavy management on the increasing 3D models, the topic of image-based 3D model retrieval which organizes unlabeled 3D models based on abundant knowledge learned from labeled 2D images has drawn attention. However...
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Fuzzy Evaluation of Agricultural Water Conservancy Facilities in Reuse
Amit Sharma, Shen Han
Jul 01, 2021
It is increasingly important to reuse the wastewater conservancy facilities, which can further promote the development of agricultural economy. The basis of full investigation and research on the wastewater conservancy...
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Recognition of Air Passengers' Willingness to Pay for Seat Selection for Imbalanced Data Based on Improved XGBoost
Passenger-paid seat selection is one of the important sources of ancillary revenue for airlines, and machine learning-based willingness-to-pay identification is of great practicality for airlines to accurately tap potential...
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Hospital Employee Performance Evaluation Based on Knowledge Map
With the deepening of theoretical research and social practice, hospital employee performance management has developed into a mature knowledge system. Therefore, systematic review of the research results in this field is...
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Career Anchors of IT/IS Personnel
While career anchors have mainly studied in the US society; this study demonstrates the difference in the career anchors of the information technology/information system (IT/IS) personnel rooted in different cultures. The survey...
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A Review of Chinese E-Commerce Research 2001-2020
This study reviewed EC studies in China. A total of 1,982 journal articles published between 2001 and 2020 were collected from the Web of Science database. In addition, it referred to the Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social...
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Transformational Leadership and Organizational Change Examining the Mediational Approach of Knowledge Sharing
This study examines the transformational leadership behavior for organizational change by creating the environment of sharing knowledge in organizational and individual level of the organization for a sample of 300 employees and...
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A Basic Framework for Privacy Protection in Personalized Information Retrieval
Personalized information retrieval is an effective tool to solve the problem of information overload. Along with the rapid development of emerging network technologies such as cloud computing, however, network servers are...
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Sustainable Green Growth in Developing Economies
The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) initiated by Chinese government could be regarded as a systematic framework for promoting economic cooperation and development among the countries along the Belt and Road and China. This paper...
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Potential Green Gains From the Integration of Economies
The integration of economies always attracts much attention from policymakers and researchers. This paper introduces a novel approach to evaluate potential economic and environmental gains from integrating economies. Based on...
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Book Review
In recent years, wearable and mobile technologies have been applied in different domains such as medical, personal safety, sports, and lifestyle computing (Cheng & Mitomo, 2017). Wearable technologies may help users bring their...
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Decorative Art Pattern Mining and Discovery Based on Group User Intelligence
With the continuous developments of real estates and the increasing personalization of people, more and more house owners are willing to search for and discover their preferred decorative art patterns via various house...
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General Construction for Extended Visual Cryptography Scheme Using QR Codes
This article describes how a visual cryptography scheme, with one prominent feature—decrypting simply, has attracted much research attention since it was first proposed. However, meaningless shares remain a continuing challenge...
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A Modification-Free Steganography Algorithm Based on Image Classification and CNN
In order to improve the data-embedding capacity of modification-free steganography algorithm, scholars have done a lot of research work to meet practical demands. By researching the user's behavioral habits of several social...
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