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Promoting Mobile Health Adoption to Hospital Patients Through Social Influencers
Daisy Lee, Gary Chong
Oct 01, 2021
Mobile health (mHealth) plays a key role in improving healthcare interventions by engaging patients in healthcare management. Still, there is a paucity of empirical studies on the extent to which mHealth adoption could be...
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Research on Disruptive Technology Recognition of China's Electronic Information and Communication Industry Based on Patent Influence
This paper adopts the knowledge map method and selects the field of mobile communication technology and wireless communication technology to represent the electronic information and communication industry for disruptive...
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Citizen Adoption in E-Government Systems
Electronic Government (e-Government) refers to a system of information, communication and interaction between government and its citizens. E-Government adoption has been studied for more than a decade with several meta-analytic...
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(Offloading) QoE-Aware Application Mapping and Energy-Aware Module Placement in Fog Computing + Offloading
Fog computing is a potential solution for the Internet of Things in close connection with things and end-users. Fog computing will easily transfer sensitive data without delaying distributed devices. Moreover, fog computing is...
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Which Kinds of Legitimacy is Important?
Although legitimacy has been identified as a vital issue for firms, existing literatures of legitimacy for firms mainly focus on one stage in their life cycle. To this end, this article applies the theory of cooperate life cycle...
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