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Analysis of Regular Patterns in Un-Weighted Directed Graphs
Time evolving networks tend to have an element of regularity. This regularity is characterized by existence of repetitive patterns in the data sequences of the graph metrics. As per our research, the relevance of such regular...
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Abhishek Thakur
Jul 01, 2020
In challenging environments, opportunistic networks can provide limited communication features in a delay tolerant manner. It is extremely difficult to transmit large data like videos in such environments, as delay may be hours...
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Exploring the Relationship Between Satisfaction and Intention to Stay Among Millennial Employees
Purpose: The main purpose of the study is to investigate the relationship between job satisfaction, organizational commitment and intention to stay among the millennials working in IT organizations of North India. Research...
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Decision Making as a Contributor for Women Empowerment
As per United Nations Development Program's Human Development Report 2016, India ranks 131 out of 188 countries on the gender inequality index, which positions it in the medium category. Women need intervention at various levels...
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The Terahertz Channel Modeling in Internet of Multimedia Design In-Body Antenna
In this paper, the authors have emphasized on the perspectives of the Terahertz channel modeling in Internet of multimedia nano things (IoMNT) networks. A modulation technique targeting body-centric network is discussed. An...
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A Novel Methodology for Cloud of Things-Based Secure Higher Education Framework Using Zero Knowledge Proof System
The cutting-edge technology, namely Cloud of Things (CoT) has shaped the existing business process into a new orientation in terms of performance, usability, and reliability. Among different business processes, online education...
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A Role of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Data for Diabetic People Affected by COVID-19
Artificial intelligence (AI) enables the diabetic patient's symptoms and biomarkers to be monitored. People with diabetes are weak, and if a COVID-19 infection is present, the patient must be managed optimally, with a focus on...
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Artificial Intelligence-Based Breast Cancer Detection Using WPSO
To detect breast cancer in the early stages, microcalcifications are considered a key symptom. Several scientific investigations were performed to fight against this disease for which machine learning techniques can be...
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