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Using Data Science Software to Address Health Disparities
The article assesses data science software to evaluate the usefulness of data science technology in addressing concerns such as health disparities. Data science software was analyzed using KDnuggets data related to analytics...
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Football, Mysticism, Thomistic Poetics
Jose Isidro Belleza
Apr 14, 2023
This essay will especially consider the role of the cogitative power and affectivity in the formation of vocal utterances, showing how the Thomistic account of the integration of passion with reason provides a fascinating...
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A Reliable and Smart E-Healthcare System for Monitoring Intravenous Fluid Level, Pulse, and Respiration Rate
The paper presents reliable and quality maintenance of intravenous fluid level, pulse rate and respiration rate measurement system in healthcare networks. Implementing information and communication technology becomes essential...
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Copper Black Coatings for the Absorption of Solar Concentration With an APPJ SiO2 Super-Hydrophobic Protection
Solar thermal energy can be captured on absorbent surfaces, but coatings tend to deteriorate, due to changes in hue, thermal shocks, or detachment of all layers. There is a great challenge in reducing the deterioration because...
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From Sugarcane To Ethanol
Brazil is a biofuel superpower and a pioneer in the large-scale production and use of sugarcane ethanol. The country has plans to replace 10 percent of the world's fossil fuels by 2025 with biofuels (Novo et al., 2010). Brazil...
The State of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing With Directions for Future Research
Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important in both industry and academics. To investigate AI in marketing, we have used bibliometric study, social network analysis (SNA), main path analysis, and...
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TiO2 Nanotubes Transformation Into 4nm Anatase Nanoparticles
The scope of this work shows novel experimental findings on preparing anatase TiO2 nanoparticles, first anodizing titanium into an organic media for obtaining TiO2 nanotubes, and using these as a photocatalytic active electrode...
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