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Patent Analysis in the 5G Network
In recent years, 5G has been the focus of research and development in the telecom industry. This paper aims to understand the development trend and technical hot spots of 5G technology through the patent analysis and build a...
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Education for Justice-Oriented and Participatory Citizenship in a Politicized Era in Hong Kong
Shun Ng, Koon Wong
Nov 27, 2020
This chapter aims at introducing issues of citizenship education arising from the social, historical, and political context of Hong Kong before and after its handover from Britain to the People's Republic of China in 1997. It...
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Evaluation of Multi-Peer and Self-Assessment in Higher Education
David Hassell, Kok Lee
Jan 01, 2020
This article presents an evaluation of the use of peer and self-assessment as part of the learning process in a public speaking assessment coursework, with students from two departments taking part. Students were assessed by...
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Technology Leadership in Malaysian Schools
Education 4.0 is the answer to the global needs for the advanced integration of humans and technology. Leading school’s technology utilization can be the way forward to support education 4.0 realization. This study aims to...
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Smart Glasses Implementation in Hospitals
Wearable Smart Glasses visualises information projected onto the lens, col-lects data over a wireless network, and uses a program to convert it into text or images to be transmitted to the display. This study discovers the usage...
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Protocol for the Pathways Study


The informal social ties that health workers form with their colleagues influence knowledge, skills and individual and group behaviours and norms in the workplace. However, improved understanding of these...
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Examining Voluntary Engagement Barriers in Knowledge Sharing Practices for Supply Chain Innovation
Voluntary engagement (VE) creates a sense of coordination and harmonization to share knowledge. The eminence of knowledge sharing (KS) for supply chain (SC) innovation is undeniable to initiate development in products, services...
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