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A Review of Faculty Self-Assessment TPACK Instruments (January 2006 – March 2020)
Kristin Scott
Apr 01, 2021
Since Mishra and Koehler released their framework of technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK), researchers have been attempting to measure it with a variety of self-assessment instruments. Early TPACK instruments...
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The Necessity for Reform of Newfoundland and Labrador's Housing Policies
Colin Scott
Dec 14, 2010
This paper examines the potential of legislative and non-legislative reform to Newfoundland and Labrador's housing policies. In particular, attention is paid to legislative rental control, legislative tenancy protection programs...
Sociological, Psychological, and Political Factors Behind the Informal Economy
Colin Scott
Sep 25, 2012
Informal economic activity is an inevitability that occurs around the world. There is a strong correlation between a region's level of development and the size of its informal economy. Although informal economies exist in both...
Framing Historical Thinking in the Digital Age
Scott Waring
Jan 11, 2019
It is undeniable that students today are fundamentally different than those of previous generations and that many students of this generation do not enjoy history, as it is typically ranked as one of the least favorite subjects...
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Tourism in Thailand
Scott Hipsher
Jul 01, 2021
The paper explores and compares the perceptions of workers in the tourism industry in Thailand in foreign-owned and locally-owned firms in order to provide an underrepresented perspective to be used in the debate over whether...
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Urban Digital Infrastructure, Smart Cityism, and Communication
Scott McQuire
Jul 01, 2021
This article takes stock of the smart city concept by locating it in relation to both a longer history of urban computing, as well as more recent projects exploring the vexed issues of participatory urbanism, data ethics and...
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Learning Cities as Smart Cities
Leodis Scott
Mar 18, 2021
The purpose of this chapter is to explore the connections between technology and lifelong learning and the respective initiatives of smart cities and learning cities. The Pew Research Center reports that place-based learning...
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'What's There to Lose?' Procurement Policies and Investment Restrictions Under a Proposed Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement
Colin Scott
Nov 12, 2013
Canada and the European Union (EU) have recently concluded a fifth round of negotiations on an ambitious Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement (CETA). While both parties are anticipating an agreement to be reached sometime...
The Gamification of Code
Teaching an introductory web design course is already a blended environment. Students meet face-to-face, yet have access to a myriad of online resources, YouTube videos, blogs, and forums to support their learning. However, the...
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Incorporating Academic Strategy Instruction in Assignment Design to Remove Barriers to Writing Assignments in Philosophy
In early 2020, there was a faculty development workshop at MacEwan University on how to design philosophy writing assignments with fewer barriers commonly experienced by students with disabilities. This chapter streamlines the...
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Plenary Keynote Presentation IV Teaching men to sing
Scott McCoy
Jan 17, 2014
Plenary Keynote Presentation IV: Panel Presentation from The Phenomenon of Singing International Symposium VIII. Held at Memorial University, St. John's NL, 2011. Introduction by Caroline Schiller (Memorial University of...
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A Case Study of Tourism in North Carolina State Parks Using Google Trends
Aaron Scott
Jul 01, 2021
The purpose of this study is to examine available innovative technologies as a means to forecast visitors to the North Carolina State Park system. The research will use Google Trends as the innovative technology and using the...
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Songs of Prescience
Scott Stoneman
Dec 14, 2022
The possibility of using music as a method of communicating the reality of the climate emergency has become an increasingly popular object of scholarly analysis. At a time when we need to collectively act with extreme urgency to...
Supporting Language Learning With OERs and Open-Authoring Tools
Open educational resources (OERs) in language learning have recently captured the interests of language educators, curriculum developers, and researchers as these open-source materials serve as an alternative to traditional...
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The Education of Immigrant and Refugee Students in NL
James Scott Johnston
Dec 20, 2018
Philosophy of education is variously understood; to some, it is the discipline in education that gets at ‘big questions’ or ‘first things,’ i.e. metaphysical and moral grounds, principles, and rules that purport to provide a...
Foundationalism and Anti-Foundationalism in International Relations Theory
Much has been written about the field of International Relations (IR) in both substantive and methodological terms. One of the most contentious aspects of the IR as a scholarly discipline revolves around one deceptively...
Defining and Designing Responsive Online Professional Development (ROPD)
Teacher professional development programs typically do not meet teachers' ongoing, long-term needs that arise. In this chapter, the authors forward a systematic framework called responsive online professional development (ROPD)...
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Review of S.J. McGrath and Joseph Carew (eds.), Rethinking German Idealism (London
James Scott Johnston
Dec 30, 2016
These are exciting times for the philosophy and historiography of German Idealism. While in the first half of the 20th century, scholars have been content to provide stand-alone works on single thinkers (itself a very important...
Review of Susan Dodd and Neil Robertson, eds., Hegel and Canada. Unity of Opposites? University of Toronto Press, 2018. 408 pages
James Scott Johnston
Jan 07, 2019
As is the case with most western, liberal-democratic nations, Canada’s metanarratives are far from simple. Indeed, the overarching stories Canadians tell themselves are frequently qualified by the insistence (often from...
Becoming Interculturally Adaptable
The prevailing picture of intercultural adaptation among international student sojourners features a reified process of overcoming culture shock or culture-related stress and anxiety. In the context of increasing recruitment of...
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“The Fact That the Author Was Male Instead of Female Provided for an Objective Opinion”
This paper presents an audit-style experiential learning activity intended to gauge students' perceptions of objectivity based on author gender, encourage students to apply the concept of bias to their own learning, and...
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