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Realization of Agricultural Machinery Equipment Management Information System Based on Network
In order to study the role of information technology in the promotion of agricultural development and information in today's social and economic development of the most important strategic impact, on the basis of modern...
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Engaging in English Speaking Teaching Based on a Task-Based Approach
Ling Ding
Dec 20, 2018
In this article, the author reports, in a narrative style, details of teaching speaking in experiential learning with a Syrian woman, and the author’s perceptions of applying a role play task-based approach. It has been widely...
Meaning at the Crossroads
Stephen Costello
Mar 16, 2022
Stephen J. Costello holds a BA, MA, and PhD in philosophy. He has addressed two parliaments—Stormont on human rights and the European Parliament in Brussels on mental health. He has twenty-five years’ experience giving seminars...
Intrusion Detection Using Normalized Mutual Information Feature Selection and Parallel Quantum Genetic Algorithm
Zhang Ling, Zhang Hao
Jan 01, 2022
This paper presents a detection algorithm using normalized mutual information feature selection and cooperative evolution of multiple operators based on adaptive parallel quantum genetic algorithm (NMIFS MOP- AQGA). The proposed...
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Remarkably Enhanced Lattice Oxygen Participation in Perovskites to Boost Oxygen Evolution Reaction.
Enhancing the participation of the lattice oxygen mechanism (LOM) in several perovskites to significantly boost the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) is daunting. With the rapid decline in fossil fuels, energy research is turning...
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A Predictive and Trajectory-Aware Edge Service Allocation Approach in a Mobile Computing Environment
Ling Huang, Bin Shuai
Jan 01, 2022
The mobile edge computing (MEC) model is featured by the ability to provision elastic computing resources close to user requests at the edge of the internet. This paradigm moves traditional digital infrastructure close to mobile...
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An Intrusion Detection System Based on Normalized Mutual Information Antibodies Feature Selection and Adaptive Quantum Artificial Immune System
Zhang Ling, Zhang Hao
Jan 01, 2022
The intrusion detection system (IDS) has lower speed, less adaptability and lower detection accuracy especially for small samples sets. This paper presents a detection model based on normalized mutual antibodies information...
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Digital Innovation Risk Management Model of Discrete Manufacturing Enterprise Based on Big Data Analysis
Xinyu Ma, Yimeng Zhang
Sep 01, 2021
At present, most risk management work mainly relies on manpower, and manpower relies on the professional knowledge of relevant skilled workers to discover hidden safety risks in production activities. This article combines...
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Using Formative Assessment in a Blended EFL Listening Course
Thi Tran, Qing Ma
Jul 01, 2021
This paper explores how a formative assessment-based blended English-as-a-foreign-language (EFL) listening course affects students' perceptions of their listening performance and what difficulties they may encounter during the...
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How Does Internet Development Affect Green Technology Innovation in China?
With the advent of the information age, the Internet is a new tool for “mass entrepreneurship and innovation initiative” and contributes to the emergence of new products, new technologies and new business formats. However, the...
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Evaluation of Economic Security of Water Resources and Analysis of Influencing Factors
To effectively evaluate the level of economic security of water resources (WES) in China and analyze its influencing factors, a comprehensive evaluation model of WES and a regression analysis model of influencing factors are...
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Can Government Direct Bailout Intervention Relieve the Crisis Sentiment in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Linlin Guo, De-Shui Ma
Aug 01, 2021
It has been increasingly common for the government to adopt non-market approaches to manage or interfere with the market during a stock market crisis. Taking Chinese government’s bailout of the market during the COVID-19...
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Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Multimodal Optimization Based on Crowding Method
Many real-world problems can be transformed into multimodal functional optimization. Each of these problems may include several globally optimal solutions, rendering the solution of the problem progressively more difficult. In...
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Research on Multi-Cooperative Combine-Integrated Scheduling Based on Improved NSGA-II Algorithm
To promote the integration and optimal allocation of agricultural machinery resources to achieve the purpose of reducing cost and increasing efficiency, the scheduling problem of agricultural machinery in agricultural machinery...
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The Collection and Service Optimization of China's Academic Library ILL Based on Bipartite Matching
The interlibrary loan (ILL) service is essential to a multi-campus university library. This article builds a dynamic collection optimization model based on readers' needs using ILL data. This article first examined the status...
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Intelligent and Interactive Chatbot Based on the Recommendation Mechanism to Reach Personalized Learning
With the impacts of Covid-19 epidemic, e-learning has become a popular research issue. Therefore, how to upgrade the interactivity of e-learning, and allow learners to quickly access personalized and popular learning information...
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LNG Transportation Routes Risk Assessment Based on Group Decision Making
The risk assessment of liquefied natural gas (LNG) transportation routes has raised researchers' concerns in recent years, which is a group multi-criteria decision-making (GMCDM) problems that involves experts' opinions from...
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A Comparative Policy Analysis in the E-Health Industry Between China and the USA
With the problems of neonatal survival and aging of the population becoming increasingly serious, the voice that longs for a new model of the medical industry is pushed to the limelight in the society. Gradually, a neologism...
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Does Cloud Computing Influence Enterprise Performance?
The emergence of the cloud computing service has resulted in the entry of many companies into the market, with numerous competitors for cloud computing leading the technological trend. Recent studies have mainly focused on the...
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A Lightweight Three-Factor Anonymous Authentication Scheme With Privacy Protection for Personalized Healthcare Applications
Security and privacy issues in wireless medical sensor networks (WMSNs) have attracted lots of attention in both academia and industry due to the sensitiveness of medical system. In the past decade, extensive research has been...
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A New Kind of High Capacity and Security Reversible Data Hiding Scheme
A novel high capacity and security reversible data hiding scheme is proposed in this article, in which the secret data is represented by different orthogonal spreading sequences and repeatedly embedded into the cover image...
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Internet Addiction
Different educational programs aim to reduce or control Internet addiction. These are based on a traditional methodology that can be recognized as an exposition or master class (participatory or not). In this type of educational...
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Bilateral Trade Between China and Other Countries
The purpose of this study is to analyze the performance of one belt, one road in member countries in the effects of bilateral trade. The sample for this study includes 67 countries along the route for the period between 2013 and...
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Cross-Urban Point-of-Interest Recommendation for Non-Natives
This article describes how understanding human mobility behavior is of great significance for predicting a broad range of socioeconomic phenomena in contemporary society. Although many studies have been conducted to uncover...
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Deep Neural Network and Time Series Approach for Finance Systems
The stock market is an aggregation of investor sentiment that affects daily changes in stock prices. Investor sentiment remained a mystery and challenge over time, inviting researchers to comprehend the market trends. The entry...
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