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Mediating punctuation in English Arabic translation
Jamal Alqinai
Oct 08, 2013
In this article we investigate some of the salient differences in punctuation between Arabic and English. Although both languages share many of the basic punctuation marks such as the period, the comma, and the question and...
Evaluation of Multi-Peer and Self-Assessment in Higher Education
David Hassell, Kok Lee
Jan 01, 2020
This article presents an evaluation of the use of peer and self-assessment as part of the learning process in a public speaking assessment coursework, with students from two departments taking part. Students were assessed by...
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Trauma Management Therapy for First Responders
Mental health professionals are only recently beginning to understand the risks for stress-related disorders experienced by first responders. For example, it is clear that first responders are at increased risk for...
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We are grateful for the opportunity to work on Mapping Politics, the peer-reviewed political science journal of Memorial University. This volume has excellent scholarship that will be exposed to a wider audience than ever.This...
Employer Brand Equity and Its Impact on the Application Intent of the Prospective Employees
Dipali Dalvi
Jan 01, 2021
Skilled human capital marks organisational success. Attracting, recruiting, and retaining these employees is vital. Companies are applying branding principles to recruitment function. This is termed as employer branding (EB)....
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Applying the Computational Intelligence Paradigm to Nuclear Power Plant Operation
In the guise of artificial neural networks (ANNs), genetic/evolutionary computation algorithms (GAs/ECAs), fuzzy logic (FL) inference systems (FLIS) and their variants as well as combinations, the computational intelligence (CI)...
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