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Critical Condition Detection Using Lion Hunting Optimizer and SVM Classifier in a Healthcare WBAN
A timely critical condition detection and early notification are two essential requirements in a healthcare wireless body area network for the correct treatment of patients. However, most of the systems have limited capabilities...
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Mergers and its Effects in Select Indian Iron and Steel Companies - A Study
Madhumita Dasgupta
Aug 31, 2022
As an important sphere of corporate strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions have been undergoing a sea change within the economic set -up since liberalization in India. Massive growth in both Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign...
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Dynamic Combined Economic Emission Dispatch Including Wind Generators by Real Coded Genetic Algorithm
With the growing environmental depletion, the shift in the focus towards minimizing the emissions of gases released in the conventional generators and further incorporation of a cleaner alternate renewable source of energy such...
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A Hybrid Approach to Discover Entity Synonyms
A major part of the current web information retrieval involves the fulfilment of people's daily needs based upon finding entities involving movies, events, persons, places, concepts, etc. The trend has been the outcome of the...
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