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Investigating Smartphone Brand Loyalty for Millennials and Gen Z
The purpose of this paper is to examine smartphone users' brand loyalty decisions across and within generation cohorts, Gen Z and Millennials, based on customer value theory. The study discovers value perceptions for the...
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Review of Mona Siddiqui, Hospitality and Islam
Michelle Rebidoux
Jan 08, 2019
Mona Siddiqui’s latest book definitely fulfills her main intention in writing it, which is to fill a gap in the contemporary scholarship on the theme of “hospitality,” which, as she purports, has heretofore been largely...
A Comparative Study of Jet Airways and Indigo Airline Employee's Motivation in Context With “Hygiene Factor”
In this paper, effective human resource management practices and their impact on airline ground staff have been studied. The aviation industry's attrition rates have multiplied in the most recent years in the entry and...
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Digital Dynamics and International Trade
The digital duo of the Internet and Mobile brought a sea change in production mode, economic, and market structure along with trade. A world where there are no time and space-bound eased business and commerce by extending the...
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Usable-Security Assessment of Healthcare Software System Through Fuzzy ANP-TOPSIS Method
To address this research possibility, the present empirical study undertakes the assessment of usable-security of healthcare software system. The attributes considered for the assessment are: four factors at first level;...
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