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Socio-Demographic Impacts on the Personal Savings Portfolio Choice
Insufficiently developed financial system, poor standard of living and inappropriate education of citizens on the saving products, lead to low level of investment in the financial market of developing countries. In this paper...
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Development of an Innovative Environment for a Knowledge-Driven Economy in Belarus
This paper is intended to investigate the current status and prospects of the development of an innovative environment for a knowledge-driven economy in Belarus. The estimation of the innovative environment is based on...
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Sludge Blanket Anaerobic membrane bioreactor (SB-AnMBR) Treatment of Prehydrolysis Liquor from the Dissolving Pulp Industry
Performance of innovative sludge-blanket anaerobic membrane bioreactors (SB-AnMBRs) was evaluated at mesophilic (35oC for 400 days) followed by thermophilic (55oC for 330 days) temperatures for the treatment of the...