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Developing a Framework for Electronic Engagement at Work
Several electronic-engagement-related questions arise at work due to the beginning of a new era of social distancing, lockdowns, quarantining, and sanitization. These terms were not so common before. What challenges do employees...
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A Modified Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Data Clustering
Clustering of data is one of the necessary data mining techniques, where similar objects are grouped in the same cluster. In recent years, many nature-inspired based clustering techniques have been proposed, which have led to...
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Model-Based Test Sequence Generation and Prioritization Using Ant Colony Optimization
The paper presents an approach to generate and optimize test sequences from the input UML activity diagram. For this, an algorithm is proposed called Unified Modelling Language for Test Sequence Generation (UMLTSG) that uses a...
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HealthCare EHR
Blockchain technology is currently playing a significant role in providing a secure and effective means to share information in a variety of domains, including the financial sector, supply chain management (SCM) in various...
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Content and Popularity-Based Music Recommendation System
The future of many modern technologies includes machine learning and deep learning methodologies. One of the prominent applications of these technologies is the recommender system. Due to the rapid growth of the songs in digital...
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