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Skepticism Toward Online Advertising
Despite the enormous spending on digital advertising, consumers are skeptical toward online advertising (STA). We integrated advertising value and stimulus-organism- response (SOR) frameworks to develop a model of STA's causes...
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Cloud-Based Access Control Framework for Effective Role Provisioning in Business Application
In the evolution of social networks and big data, secure information sharing is a crucial task. When information is shared between the user and the organization admin, security plays a key role in any business organization in...
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Fast and Effective Intrusion Detection Using Multi-Layered Deep Learning Networks
The process of intrusion detection usually involves identifying complex intrusion signatures from a huge repository. This requires a complex model that can identify these signatures. This work presents a deep learning based...
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Autonomous Transaction Model for E-Commerce Management Using Blockchain Technology
A blockchain is an advanced technology that can power over a decentralized network. The authors bring it up to design the autonomous transaction system for e-commerce applications; because of the dramatic increase in IoT...
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