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EMD-Based Semantic User Similarity Using Past Travel Histories
The cost-effective and easy availability of handheld mobile devices and ubiquity of location acquisition services such as GPS and GSM networks has helped expedient logging and sharing of location histories of mobile users. This...
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Fine Tuning CNN for COVID-19 Patterns Detection From Chest Radiographs
The COVID-19 pandemic has crumbled health systems all over the world. Quick and accurate detection of coronavirus infection plays an important role in timely referral of physicians and control transmission of the disease. RT-PCR...
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Evaluation of Diagnostic Performance of Machine Learning Algorithms to Classify the Fetal Heart Rate Baseline From Cardiotocograph
Cardiotocography (CTG) is the widely used cost-effective, non-invasive technique to monitor the fetal heart and mother’s uterine contraction pressure to assess the wellbeing of the fetus. The most important parameters of fetal...
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Prediction of Stress Level on Indian Working Professionals Using Machine Learning
Stress levels amongst the Indian employees have increased due to a variety of factors and are a matter of great concern for the organizations. This study is based on Indian working professionals and real data has been collected...
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