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Statistical Growth Analysis of Rice Plants in Chhattisgarh Region Using Automated Pixel-Based Mapping Technique
The statistical growth analysis of field crop has become a great challenge in agriculture. Analyzing the growth of crop through automation provides extensive significance to the farmers for getting information about the problem...
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A Parallel Fractional Lion Algorithm for Data Clustering Based on MapReduce Cluster Framework
This work introduces a parallel clustering algorithm by modifying the existing Fractional Lion Algorithm (FLA). The proposed work replaces the conventional Euclidean distance measure with the Bhattacharya distance measure to...
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A Secure IoT-Based Mutual Authentication for Healthcare Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks Using ECC
The role of wireless medical sensor networks (WMSNs) is very significant in healthcare applications of IoT. Online report generation and sharing the reports reduce the time and make the treatment of patients very fast. Here, the...
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