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Evaluating the Agricultural Carbon Shadow Price in Countries along the Belt and Road Initiative
Agriculture is considered a sector with an essential contribution to carbon emissions in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) countries. This paper innovatively uses the by-production process to analyze the agricultural carbon...
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A Novel Behavior Steganography Model Based on Secret Sharing
This article proposes a novel behavior steganography model based on secret sharing, the main idea of which is to use secret messages as random elements in the secret sharing process to generate shadow images. Based on the...
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Review of Mary-Jane Rubenstein, Worlds Without End: The Many Lives of the Multiverse. New York
Daniel Adsett
Jan 04, 2019
Mary-Jane Rubenstein, an associate professor of religion at Wesleyan University whose earlier works have focused on, among other topics, poststructuralism, apophaticism, and wonder, investigates, in Worlds Without End...
Applying Secret Image Sharing to Economics
Economics has some limitations, such as insecure multiple parties economical investment decision and leakage of business quotation. Secret image sharing (SIS) for (k, n)-threshold is such a technique that protects an image...
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Online Adaptive Learning
Adaptive Learning (AL), a new web-based online learning environment, requires self-regulated learners who act autonomously. However, to date, there appears to be no existing model to conceptualize different aspects of SRL skills...
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Electronic health information is an efficient technique for providing health care services to society. Patient health information is stored in the cloud, to allow access of eHealth information from anywhere, and at any time, but...
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Adversarial Reconstruction CNN for Illumination-Robust Frontal Face Image Recovery and Recognition
This article proposes an adversarial reconstruction convolution neural network (ARCNN) for non-uniform illumination frontal face image recovery and recognition. The proposed ARCNN includes a reconstruction network and a...
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The Failure of Copenhagen
Brad R. King
Jan 26, 2012
Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing the world today, an issue that requires a global solution. It is for this reason that a UN Conference on Climate Change (COP 15) was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the...
Beneath Time and Reflection
Claudia Serban
Dec 21, 2016
Ever since The Essence of Manifestation (1963), Michel Henry’s phenomenologydeveloped in a close dialogue with Husserl. This confrontation led Henry, in 1995,to formulate the project of a “non-intentional phenomenology,” which...
The Asystasy of the Life Sciences
Tilottama Rajan
Aug 29, 2018
In 1799 the British Crown purchased 13,000 fossils and specimens from the estate of John Hunter (1728-93). This “vast Golgotha” then became the object of attempts to classify and institutionalize the work of one of the most...