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Information Equity and Cultural Sharing
It is very important to study public library services available to migrant workers, which have the potential to enrich public library services and promote social equity. After analyzing the present situation and characteristics...
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Influencing Neutrosophic Factors of Speech Recognition Technology in English Collection
Xizhi Chu, Yuchen Liu
Feb 21, 2022
Based on the research and analysis of speech recognition system and neural network principle, combined with English related decision tree, this paper completes the construction and design of English speech recognition based on...
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Mobile Payment and Mobile Application (App) Behavior for Online Recommendations
A mobile application (App) is an application designed to run on a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. With the continuous change of mobile payment applications in smart phones and the support of the banking system, the...
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Better Not Let Me Know
Customers' concerns about inappropriate use of personal information can create potential threats that jeopardize the proliferation of emerging markets. This study aims at investigating how the adaptive and maladaptive responses...
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A Study of the Influence of Entrepreneurs' Geographic and Academic Relationships on Corporate Innovation
Corporate innovation is the driver and wellspring of business operation and development. Thus, how entrepreneurs can enhance the innovation capabilities of their enterprises is an important topic in corporate development. Taking...
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Modeling and Solution Algorithm for Optimization Integration of Express Terminal Nodes With a Joint Distribution Mode
The rapid development of e-commerce has led to increased pressure on the express delivery industry to transport products to customers in a timely manner. The problem of how to deliver an increasing volume of express orders to...
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Machine Learning Based Admission Data Processing for Early Forecasting Students' Learning Outcomes
In this paper, the authors explore the factors to improve the accuracy of predicting student learning outcomes. The method can remove redundant and irrelevant factors to get a “clean” data set without having to solve the NP-Hard...
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Will Facebook Encourage Citizen Participation?
Facebook, the most popular social media in the world, has changed the ways of citizen involvement in governance. Politicians and (elected) public administrators worldwide have adopted Facebook as an important approach to connect...
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A Modification-Free Steganography Algorithm Based on Image Classification and CNN
In order to improve the data-embedding capacity of modification-free steganography algorithm, scholars have done a lot of research work to meet practical demands. By researching the user's behavioral habits of several social...
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The Impact of Digitalization on Supply Chain Integration and Performance
The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationships between digitalization, supply chain integration, and firm performance. Data are analyzed by the partial least square structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM). The...
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Improved Semantic Representation Learning by Multiple Clustering for Image-Based 3D Model Retrieval
Under the heavy management on the increasing 3D models, the topic of image-based 3D model retrieval which organizes unlabeled 3D models based on abundant knowledge learned from labeled 2D images has drawn attention. However...
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