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Diagnosing COVID-19 From Chest CT Scan Images Using Deep Learning Models
A novel coronavirus named COVID-19 has spread speedily and has triggered a worldwide outbreak of respiratory illness. Early diagnosis is always crucial for pandemic control. Compared to RT-PCR, chest computed tomography (CT)...
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Application of Convolution Neural Networks in Web Search Log Mining for Effective Web Document Clustering
Suruchi Chawla
Jan 01, 2022
The volume of web search data stored in search engine log is increasing and has become big search log data. The web search log has been the source of data for mining based on web document clustering techniques to improve the...
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Cluster-Based Cab Recommender System (CBCRS) for Solo Cab Drivers
An efficient cluster-based cab recommender system (CBCRS) provides solo cab drivers with recommendations about the next pickup location having high passenger finding potential at the shortest distance. To recommend the cab...
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Compression of PPG Signal Through Joint Technique of Auto-Encoder and Feature Selection
PPG signal utilize the light-based method to sense the blood-flow-rate as controlled by the actions of heart’s pumping. It is extensively utilized in the healthcare with application ranging from the pulse oximetry in the serious...
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A Framework for Feature Selection Using Natural Language Processing for User Profile Learning for Recommendations of Healthcare-Related Content
This paper presents the work done on recommendations of healthcare related journal papers by understanding the semantics of terms from the papers referred by users in past. In other words, user profiles based on user interest...
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Personalized Mastery-Based Learning Ecosystem
Children differ greatly in what they know and are ready to learn when they enter school. However, when their individual needs are assessed and addressed, even very young children can learn and can greatly surpass grade-level...
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Semantic Term-Term Coupling-Based Feature Enhancement of User Profiles in Recommendation Systems
Content-based recommender system is a subclass of information systems that recommends an item to the user based on its description. It suggests items such as news, documents, articles, webpages, journals, and more to users as...
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A Framework for Evaluating Information Transparency in Supply Chains
Private, public, profit, and non-profit organizations, and society as a whole currently face a significant reliable information necessity problem. Especially supply chains need trustworthy information to perform their activities...
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An Innovative Approach to Solve Healthcare Issues Using Big Data Image Analytics
The increasing adoption of transmission of medical images through internet in healthcare has led to several security threats to patient medical information. Permitting quiet data to be in peril may prompt hopeless harm...
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Automatic Traffic Sign Recognition System Using CNN
In recent times, self-driving vehicles have been widely adopted across different countries as they are equipped to drastically reduce the number of road accidents and congestion on the road thereby improving the traffic...
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Artificial Intelligence-Based Breast Cancer Detection Using WPSO
To detect breast cancer in the early stages, microcalcifications are considered a key symptom. Several scientific investigations were performed to fight against this disease for which machine learning techniques can be...
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