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Bettina Spreng
Jul 30, 2013
This paper provides an in-depth examination of the distribution of the Antipassive morpheme -si- in Mittimatalik, a dialect of !nuktitut spoken in North Baffin. It is demonstrated that the occurrence of the overt Antipassive...
PROphylaxis for paTiEnts at risk of COVID-19 infecTion (PROTECT-V).


Despite the introduction of vaccination, there remains a need for pre-exposure prophylactic agents against SARS-CoV-2. Several patient groups are more vulnerable to SARS-CoV-2 infection by virtue of underlying...
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A Grey-TOPSIS Approach to Minimize COVID-19 Transmission for the Betterment of Public-Health in the Indian Context
In view of diminishing the transmission of the pandemic “Coronavirus (COVID-19)” in the community, an essential intervention strategy has been the consideration of public-health measures. However, at the present scenario these...
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An Adaptive Neural-Fuzzy Inference System for Prediction of Muscle Strength of Farmers in India
In the present study, 13 anthropometric hand dimensions, hand grip strength, push strength, and pull strength of 90 male farmers of Odisha in India were statistically analyzed and then, fuzzy logic toolbox of MATLAB version 2010...
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Exploring Consumers' Intention to Adopt Mobile Payment Systems in Ghana
In this paper, we examined consumers’ intention to adopt and use mobile payment method in Ghana. Data for the study was obtained from a sample of 260 respondents through online and direct survey using structured questionnaire....
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On consonant sequences in Cayuga (Iroquoian)
Carrie Dyck
Jul 18, 2013
Underlying consonant sequences in Cayuga (and ill other Northernlroquoian languages) are apparently subject to phonotactic constraints. The non-randomness of underlying consonant sequences is problematic for Optimality-Theory...
Mark Anthony Carpio
Jan 17, 2014
Plenary Keynote Presentation V: Panel Presentation from The Phenomenon of Singing International Symposium VIII. Held at Memorial University, St. John's NL, 2011. Introduction: Andrea Rose (Memorial University of Newfoundland...
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An Improved Firefly Algorithm-Based 2-D Image Thresholding for Brain Image Fusion
In this article, an attempt is made to diagnose brain diseases like neoplastic, cerebrovascular, Alzheimer's, and sarcomas by the effective fusion of two images. The two images are fused in three steps. Step 1. Segmentation: The...
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Knowledge-Infused Text Classification for the Biomedical Domain
Extracting knowledge from unstructured text and then classifying it is gaining importance after the data explosion on the web. The traditional text classification approaches are becoming ubiquitous, but the hybrid of semantic...
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A Deadline-Constrained Time-Cost-Effective Salp Swarm Algorithm for Resource Optimization in Cloud Computing
Nowadays, Cloud Computing has become the most attractive platform, which provides anything as a Service (XaaS). Many applications may be developed and run on the cloud without worrying about platforms. It is a big challenge to...
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A Methodological Approach to Assessment and Reporting of the Model Adequacy in Simulation Studies
Assessment and Reporting of Model Adequacy is an important step in the simulation modelling process. It stipulates the level of precision and accuracy, which are important features of the model predictions. In an academic...
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A domain-independent conceptual model that aims to be highly reusable across specific domain applications is provided by upper-level ontologies which usually describe abstract concepts. In this paper, the authors proposed...
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Biosurfactant Production by Rhodococcus Erythropolis Sp. SB-1A Isolated from North Atlantic Ocean
Biosurfactant production by Rhodococcus erythropolis SB-1A was studied based on Atlas oil agar medium in a batch reactor. The strain was isolated from a water sample collected from Northern Atlantic Ocean. Several parameters...
A Novel Modulation Scheme of 8x8 MIMO in Industry 4.0
A key component in the usage of Industry 4.0 arrangements is the up and coming age of system network, LTE/LTE advanced today, and 5G, later on. Industry 4.0 is conveying private LTE arranges today, as they trust it will give...
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An Improved Firefly Algorithm-Based 2-D Image Thresholding for Brain Image Fusion
In this article, an attempt is made to diagnose brain diseases like neoplastic, cerebrovascular, Alzheimer's, and sarcomas by the effective fusion of two images. The two images are fused in three steps. Step 1. Segmentation: The...
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Models for Efficient Utilization of Resources for Upgrading Android Mobile Technology
The need of the customers to be connected to the network at all times has led to the evolution of mobile technology. Operating systems play a vitol role when we talk of technology. Nowadays, Android is one of the popularly used...
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Risk Reduction Privacy Preserving Approach for Accessing Electronic Health Records
In the healthcare field, preserving privacy of the patient's electronic health records has been an elementary issue. Numerous techniques have been emerged to maintain privacy of the susceptible information. Acting as a first...
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Cyber Security Solutions for Businesses in Financial Services
This paper examines the challenges that small, medium, and large businesses in the financial services industry are facing concerning data security and providing relevant tools and strategies to protect the same. A qualitative...
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A New Reduced Form for Real-Time Identification of PV Panels Operating Under Arbitrary Conditions
In this work, an efficient solution based on the reducing forms approach is presented to extract the five parameters of the single-diode model of PV generators from their I-V curves. Thus, by reducing the number of the five...
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A 2D Histogram-Based Image Thresholding Using Hybrid Algorithms for Brain Image Fusion
In this article an effort is made to identify brain tumor disease such as neoplastic, cerebrovascular, Alzheimer's, lethal, sarcoma diseases by successful fusion of images from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed...
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A Novel Hybrid Approach for Chronic Disease Classification
A two-phase diagnostic framework based on hybrid classification for the diagnosis of chronic disease is proposed. In the first phase, feature selection via ReliefF method and feature extraction via PCA method are incorporated....
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Language-Agnostic Knowledge Representation for a Truly Multilingual Semantic Web
As the Internet users’ communities and the information on the web are increasing exponentially, that too associated with a wide range of different cultures and languages; meaningful search in a multilingual setting is required....
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Analyzing Linguistic Features for Answer Re-Ranking of Why-Questions
Why-type non-factoid questions are ambiguous and involve variations in their answers. A challenge in returning one appropriate answer to user requires the process of appropriate answer extraction, re-ranking and validation....
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