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Integration of Bricolage and Institutional Entrepreneurship for Internet Finance
This article describes how current research on the institutional entrepreneurship process tends to ‘design principles.' There is lack of research on mechanism and strategy of the institutional bricolage, especially for Internet...
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A Systems Dynamics Simulation Study of Network Public Opinion Evolution Mechanism
The factors that affect formation and dissemination of public opinion have been studied for a long time. However, the findings are disparate and fragmented, given the characteristics of netizens and new media in the Big Data...
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Are Entrepreneurial Capabilities and Prior Knowledge the Silver Bullet for the Generation of New Digital Venture Ideas in a Digital Context?
Digital technology has had changed the uncertain nature of the process of new venture idea generation, and it has also brought unprecedented opportunities for the generation of new digital venture ideas. To explore how startups...
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A Study of the Contribution of Information Technology on the Growth of Tourism Economy Using Cross-Sectional Data
Information technology (IT) has dramatically changed tourism industry, particularly in facilitating and improving information discovery and dissemination in tourism industry. Prior research has identified the key role that IT...
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Analysis of the Application of Information Technology in the Management of Rural Population Return Based on the Era of Big Data
Zheng Cai
May 01, 2022
Based on rural population return management, governance theory, and information technology theory, this paper analyzes the specific performance of rural areas in managing population return, and describes the overview, quantity...
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Book Review
Dongmei Zheng
Oct 31, 2022
The multimodal presentation of humour on digitalized networking platforms such as smart phones and live streaming has undoubtedly increased its degree of difficulty to translate. Humour translation in the age of multimedia is...
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An Empirical Study on Impact of Management Capabilities for the Multinational Company's Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Ke Zong, Zheng Wang*
Mar 22, 2022
Based on the deep learning (DL) theory, the study takes the multinational corporation technology company A as the research target, and explores the impact of information technology (IT) management capabilities on the sustainable...
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Identity Authentication Security Management in Mobile Payment Systems
Mobile payment is a new payment method offering users mobility, reachability, compatibility, and convenience. But mobile payment involves great uncertainty and risk given its electronic and wireless nature. Therefore, biometric...
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Smart Farming
With the increasing demand on smart agriculture, the effective growth of a plant and increase its productivity are essential. To increase the yield and productivity, monitoring of a plant during its growth till its harvesting is...
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An Empirical Study on Cross-Border E-Eommerce Talent Cultivation Based on Skill Gap Theory and Big Data Analysis
To solve the dilemma between the increasing demand for cross-border e-commerce talents and incompatible students’ skill level, Industry-University-Research cooperation, as an essential pillar for inter-disciplinary talent...
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Brain Tumor Segmentation From Multimodal MRI Data Based on GLCM and SVM Classifier
Na Li, Zheng Yang
Oct 01, 2021
The segmentation of MRI brain tumors utilizes computer technology to segment and label tumors and normal tissues automatically on multimodal brain images, which plays an important role in disease diagnosis, treatment planning...
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Designing Controlled Chinese Rules for MT Pre-Editing of Product Description Text
The study aims to investigate how pre-editing based on controlled Chinese rules can be an effective approach to improving Chinese-to-English machine translation (MT) output. Based on the analysis of comparable texts, and by...
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Internet of Things-Enabled Crop Growth Monitoring System for Smart Agriculture
In order to solve the problems of high cost and difficult management of traditional agricultural planting, internet of things (IoT) technology was applied to realize real-time detection and intelligent management of crop growth...
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Time-Aware CF and Temporal Association Rule-Based Personalized Hybrid Recommender System
Most recommender systems usually combine several recommendation methods to enhance the recommendation accuracy. Collaborative filtering (CF) is a best-known personalized recommendation technique. While temporal association...
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Agency vs. Stewardship Theory in Local Government Contracted Mobile Apps
This paper examines citizen satisfaction levels with local government contracted mobile platforms and applies two theories of the contracting relationship to them: principal-agent and stewardship theory. It uses survey data to...
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Does Rent-Seeking Affect Environmental Regulation?
Resource utilization not only meets the needs of economic development, but also has a far-reaching negative impact on the environment. Environmental regulation is regarded as the key measure to solve environmental pollution....
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Better Not Let Me Know
Customers' concerns about inappropriate use of personal information can create potential threats that jeopardize the proliferation of emerging markets. This study aims at investigating how the adaptive and maladaptive responses...
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A Light Recommendation Algorithm of We-Media Articles Based on Content
Since the explosive growth of we-medias today, personalized recommendation is playing an increasingly important role to help users to find their target articles in vast amounts of data. Deep learning, on the other hand, has...
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Understanding the Health Information Sharing Behavior of Social Media Users
Studies have focused on elucidating the sharing behavior of media users. However, few studies have specifically investigated users' health information sharing behavior in the social media context, especially WeChat. This study...
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Multi-Layer Fusion Neural Network for Deepfake Detection
Recently, the spread of videos forged by deepfake tools has been widely concerning, and effective ways for detecting them are urgently needed. It is known that such artificial intelligence-aided forgery makes at least three...
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Will Environmental Regulation Narrow the Gap in Regional Economic Growth?
Empirical studies have shown that China's Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law (APPCL2000), as an environmental regulation, has significantly alleviated the air pollution problem and improved the TFP of air polluting...
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Intelligent Anti-Jamming Decision Algorithm of Bivariate Frequency Hopping Pattern Based on DQN With PER and Pareto
To improve the anti-jamming performance of frequency hopping system in complex electromagnetic environment, a Deep Q-Network algorithm with priority experience replay (PER) based on Pareto samples (PPER-DQN) is proposed, which...
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Signaling Information Management in Entrepreneurial Firms' Financing Acquisition
Research has identified the significant effect of new ventures’ signaling information management on their ability to secure private equity financing. This study adopts an integrated signaling and screening perspective to...
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CVaR Prediction Model of the Investment Portfolio Based on the Convolutional Neural Network Facilitates the Risk Management of the Financial Market
In summary, firstly, a method for establishing a portfolio model is proposed based on the risk management theory of the financial market. Then, a prediction model for CVaR is established based on the convolutional neural...
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Impact of Financial Digitalization on Organizational Performance
Digitalization profoundly affects organizational performance, especially in the financial industry, by disrupting established business models and providing new opportunities for value creation. The combination of advanced...
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