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Digital Transformation
This paper aims to provide an overview of academic research within the field of digital transformation. The authors conduct a bibliometric analysis using VOSviewer, Harzing’s Publish or Perish, and SciMAT to evaluate and...
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The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Performance on Competitive Advantage and Business Success
Khuong Mai, An Nguyen
Jul 01, 2021
This study investigates how types of corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices (economic, legal, ethical, philanthropic, and environmental) affect competitive advantage and business success in an emerging country. Data...
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Utilizing the Internet of Things in the Public Sector
This study investigated the utility of the Internet of Things in the public sector and the factors influencing the satisfaction of its users. The study followed two directions, the first investigated managers’ perceptions and...
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Intention of Personal Information Disclosure in Mobile Payment Apps
This paper employs the regulatory focus and risk-taking perspectives to integrate constructs related to the intention to disclose personal information in mobile payment apps among young people in such an emerging country like...
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The GJU Website Development Process and Best Practices
This paper introduces a website development process comprised of six phases: requirements, content, design, development, launch, and maintenance. In this context, a website is considered the primary marketing channel for a...
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Analyzing the Sociodemographic Factors Impacting the Use of Virtual Reality for Controlling Obesity
Obesity is one of the most pressing issues in society today. Virtual reality has been used in the design of tools that promotes obesity control. However, the design of current VR tools lacks the involvement of prospective users...
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