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The idea of makerspace in a library is one that has re-emphasized the importance of library spaces in today’s digitally controlled society. Makerspace as a concept promotes creative learning, critical thinking, communication...
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Screening Job Candidates With Social Media
With the proliferation of social media, job candidate screening and evaluation professionals have new avenues to gather information regarding job candidates. Job candidates recognize that recruiters will examine their social...
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Dear Data
Christopher Cumby
Oct 01, 2018
Dear Data is a project by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec (2016), two strangers who met at a conference and decided to become friends by sending post cards to each other each week depicting hand-drawn data visualizations from...
Charlemagne, Patron of Scholars
Christopher Winsor
Nov 10, 2018
The Carolingian Renaissance fostered a renewed interest in learning and education during the eighth and ninth centuries. This paper aims to examine the function of this learning for Carolingian administration and society...
Agency vs. Stewardship Theory in Local Government Contracted Mobile Apps
This paper examines citizen satisfaction levels with local government contracted mobile platforms and applies two theories of the contracting relationship to them: principal-agent and stewardship theory. It uses survey data to...
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The Effects of Task Service Fit on Brand Loyalty
Motivated by the role that branded apps play in enhancing customer perceptions of brands, this paper is developed to provide a better understanding of the extent to which task-service fit associated with branded apps influences...
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Comparing Sexual Harassment Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms at Universities in Canada and the United States
Christopher Ivancic
Aug 22, 2017
The United States and Canada have markedly different legislation dealing with sexual harrassment policies on university campuses. In the States, there is a federal standard which publicly funded universities must meet, or they...
Autoethnography of Work
Christopher Cumby
May 17, 2018
The purpose of this article is to explore the tensions between Queer experience and what Mizzi (2013) calls heteroprofessionalism within the corporate workplace. Using an analytic approach to autoethnography, this article...
Ending Water Scarcity In The Desert
This paper examines contemporary efforts to end water scarcity in the Israeli state. Although the supply of water was initially envisioned as a responsibility solely of the state and took on an almost religious importance...
Men, Masculinities, and the Global Pandemic
This article reflects on and analyzes interlocking relations of power pertaining to the politics of masculinities during the initial stage of the COVID-19 pandemic. Situated within the context of the current global pandemic, we...
Market Orientation, Alliance Governance, and Innovation
Relying on resource dependence theory and transaction cost economics, this article discusses the important role of alliance governance as a mediating mechanism in the relationship between market orientation and innovation, and...
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“About Nothing Without Us”
Background: A growing body of literature demonstrates the value of autonomous organizations of people who use drugs (PUD) in education, mutual support, and policy debates. Simultaneously, over the past 10 years, Canada has...
Comparison of Reaction Time Between eSports Players of Different Genres and Sportsmen
Quick reactions are considered important in both, traditional and electronic sports and research findings suggest that reaction time can be optimized by both sports activity and playing action video games. In this study...
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Comparison of Multiple Object Tracking Performance Between Professional and Amateur eSport Players as Well as Traditional Sportsmen
High performance in multiple object tracking paradigms is associated with well-trained visuo-spatial abilities, visual memory and divided attention. These abilities are essential for both traditional sport and esport. The...
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Decrease in Soil Functionalities and Herbs' Diversity, but Not That of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi, Linked to Short Fire Interval in Semi-Arid Oak Forest Ecosystem, West Iran.
The semi-arid forest ecosystems of western Iran dominated by Quercus brantii are often disturbed by wildfires. Here, we assessed the effects of short fire intervals on the soil properties and community diversity of...
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