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Map of Labrador
David Mercer
Apr 24, 2014
Map of Labrador showing communities relevant to theis issue of RLS and more recently established communities. Prepared by David Mercer, Library Assistant, Map Room, QEII Library, Memorial University.
Review of David Bentley Hart, The Experience of God: Being, Consciousness, Bliss (New Haven and London
Michelle Rebidoux
May 16, 2016
One thing, certainly, can be said about David Bentley Hart’s book and it is this: that its author takes atheism very seriouslyor rather, the “New Atheism,” as it is called, a recent ideologico-cultural “movement” whose...
Evaluation of Multi-Peer and Self-Assessment in Higher Education
David Hassell, Kok Lee
Jan 01, 2020
This article presents an evaluation of the use of peer and self-assessment as part of the learning process in a public speaking assessment coursework, with students from two departments taking part. Students were assessed by...
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Integrating Mobile Mixed Reality to Enhance Learning Before, During, and After Physical Field Trips
Physical field trips have long been used in education, but virtual field trips are increasingly being used to enhance them. This article focuses on the use of mixed reality to enhance a physical field trip before, during, and...
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Paying Lip Service?
Literature has mainly analyzed the technical attributes of voice for enterprise technical applications, such as voice signature and speech recognition. This paper aims at identifying voice and speech attributes that reflect...
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Moving From Passive to Active Blended Learning
David Starr-Glass
Feb 12, 2021
This chapter is a reflection on practice that resulted in the incorporation of an active blended learning approach in courses which the author facilitates for transnational students. These courses were popular, received very...
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David Beck
Jul 30, 2013
Transitive verbs in Totonac-Tepehua languages show apparent irregularities in agreement in verb forms where both subject and object are speech act participants (that is, 1 H 2 combinations) and one or both are plural. Data from...
Moving K-12 Coursework Online
Online learning is part of the future of K-12 education. However, few online K-12 instructors have been formally trained in online pedagogy. This chapter describes best practices in creating online courses for K-12 students....
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Associative Patterning
This chapter begins with a brief discussion of the basic concepts related to the unconscious life of an organization, and then addresses specific aspects of knowledge, learning, and memory, developing a language and framework...
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The Continuum of Care in Cross-Border Health Travel
David Vequist IV
Jan 01, 2021
There are several studies showing that a breakdown in the continuum of care occurs when a person crosses an international boundary for healthcare, such as migrants and medical tourists. This study attempted to measure the impact...
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The Use of the UTAUT Model in the Adoption of E-Learning Technologies
E-learning is treated as a learning approach in higher education worldwide. E-learning systems are all about using digital technologies to acquire, store, and process learning resources. This article aims to examine the...
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Dialectic and the Emergence of Explicit Metaphysics
David Oyler
Feb 24, 2020
I am going to sketch the personal role of dialectic in the emergence of explicit metaphysics. Of necessity, it is a sketch since a full account would require more than an essay. If we consider the full sweep of Lonergan’s views...
Using Digital Technology in a Voice Lesson
David Bell
Nov 19, 2013
Traditional practices from the past are deep rooted and slow to change. Today's technology being then unknown made development of the singing voice entirely dependent upon the ear, the good taste in style, and the musicality of...
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The Collision of the Experiential and Existential in the Brain/Heart-Mind/Soul Continuum
David Bennet
Feb 11, 2022
Focused in the physical, people are primarily experiential learners. Yet with the creation and sophistication of measurement techniques at the turn of the century, an understanding of experiential learning from the inside-out...
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Digital Signature Algorithm for M-Payment Applications Using Arithmetic Encoding and Factorization Algorithm
Mobile communication systems employ an encoding-encryption model to ensure secure data transmission over the network. This model encodes the data and encrypts it before transmitting it to the receiver's end. A non-trivial...
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The Capsize of the Drillship Seacrest
David Mannion
Apr 09, 2013
The Drillship Seacrest capsized on November 3rd, 1989, in the Platong Gas Field in the Gulf of Thailand, during Typhoon Gay. There was no distress signal heard nor were any of the lifeboats found. This case study will explore...
Mitigating Cognitive Biases in Developing AI-Assisted Recruitment Systems
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly embedded in business processes, including the Human Resource (HR) recruitment process. While AI can expedite the recruitment process, evidence from the industry, however, shows that...
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