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Norwegian Stev Text and Tune Relationships
Jacqueline Ekgren
Aug 04, 2017
Norwegian stev are one-stanza songs sung throughout centuries especially in the regions of Setesdal and Telemark. The tradition is now thought to connect over a millennium in an unbroken line with Old Norse poetry. Texts abound...
Published by: The Singing Network
Automatic materials characterization from infrared spectra using convolutional neural networks.
Infrared spectroscopy is a ubiquitous technique used to characterize unknown materials in the form of solids, liquids, or gases by identifying the constituent functional groups of molecules through the analysis of obtained...
Published by: Chemical science
A Cost-Effective Model to Address Student Readiness Through the Lens of a College Physics Course
Students enter college with widely varying levels of preparation. This is especially visible to faculty and administrators tasked with ensuring student success in core STEM courses and helping underrepresented students succeed....
Published by: IGI Global